Friday, March 05, 2010


I got out yesterday!! I went to the sewing club meeting. It was the first one for this year I have been able to attend. It was so very nice to get out and see people. The photo at right is the project we did. It's rather hard to see because I chose to do tone on tone. It is an embossed fingertip towel.

It's not exactly perfect because the computerized sewing machine did what a lot of computers do - it had a silicon fart. I managed to get the towel even in the hoop, got the stabilizer all set and tacked down so it would be perfect, and then pushed the button. The machine began stitching right up the center and the needle hit the hoop. Thankfully nothing broke, but jeesh! All in all I'm pretty proud of it.

I spent the morning trying to upload this photo and get it posted here. Sometimes I wonder about my skills. Of course when I was downloading, I tried to do it while reading something else. I used Photoshop to download, but I'm not sure where I approved of storage. I finally manually pasted the picture into My Pictures. The file is supposed to be there, but...

Enough silliness. Things are still the same around here. Nothing exciting is happening, it's just all the same stuff. I thought about going out but part of the reason for my going isn't happening. I called in my pain pills since I still have until next week before the steroid injections in my back. There is still pain there. So far, that request hasn't been approved.

I guess that means I have no more reason to put off cleaning up this den. Last night I devised a schedule for myself to do what I hate the most - cleaning. It's amazing just what I can find to do instead of that chore. I get really motivated about 10 pm. That's not a good time since G goes to bed. That motivation evaporates with the daylight.

I have always been a night owl. That changed for the time I taught since my first period class began at 7:30 (yes, a.m.). I was always sleep deprived then. I am, unfortunately, reverting to my real biological clock. That doesn't fit with living with someone who still gets up to go to work.

Well, I hope you have a good weekend with moderate weather for a change. That would be a good change, wouldn't it?

Peace be with you.


Judy said...

Moderate weather here--Yipee. I even saw a Crocus coming up out of the dirt yesterday.

Don't we live an exciting life? Therapies on our knees and back and sewing and avoiding cleaning. Yep--we are just a thrill a minute.

Susan Adcox said...

We did have nice weather on Saturday, which was fortunate since I had six of my seven grandchildren from Friday evening until Sunday evening. Talk about cleaning! My house needed a major overhaul afterwards. I've done the picking up, but all the floors will have to be done tomorrow. I'm done by 10 p.m., though. I have to do my cleaning early or forget it. That's the one thing I don't like about having the grandkids stay over. I poop out long before they do. I end up going to bed and leaving Grandpa in charge, which means that they can stay up pretty much as late as they want.

Grandma K said...

Ohhhh - around here, Pa runs for the hills when the grandchildren are around! Mom and Dad to three of the four had rodeo committee last night, so I had them. We had dinner here (as usual for Sunday), and then I took them home for bed. Pa stayed home!!! He is not a kid person.