Monday, March 08, 2010

Wild Weekend

I wish! I haven't had a really wild weekend in years and years!

I generally do not babysit my grandchildren. Wiggle Worm is the only one (for now) for Son. His other grandmother babysits him. He's her first and only.

The other three I kept as babies - one at a time - but I usually am not the sitter. Monkey Boy can, and has been, quite a challenge. But Daughter and SIL got on one of the Houston Livestock and Rodeo committees. I don't know if Daughter really wanted to be on said committee, but she was signed up. Last night they were to be on duty.

When I do this, Pa is not involved. He can take children in small doses these days. Don't get me wrong, he loves them, but he loves them more when they get older. Lady Bug is getting to the right age at 9!

Since today is a school day, their usual sitter couldn't do it, so I was asked. I really don't mind. I love those kiddos so much. I knew it was going to be a rather late evening. Of course, anything after 9 pm could be construed as a late evening for me. But I was apprehensive. MB and Doodle Bug can have their moments!

It was decided I would have family dinner here. I wasn't going to fix it, then haul it to Daughter's house. So Son and family were here. Dinner went well. I got finicky eater MB to eat cucumbers! He usually won't eat anything green. His usual fare is chicken nuggets and ketchup. Oh and almost any carb! It came time for Son's family to leave, so the other three and I packed up and went to their home.

I put the Academy Awards on. That's not my usual fare, but I hoped it would be boring for the younger ones. We settled in. MB sat beside me on the couch, so I decided teeth brushing and bed clothing was certainly in order.

That went suprisingly well. They all did it like little troopers. I don't think the teeth got the full attention they deserved, but, hey, I was a fill in! Doodle Bug decided to have a temper tantrum, but she soon settled down. Monkey went to the pallet and was soon fast asleep.

Lady Bug held Doodle to calm her until she somehow was spooked by the show (?), and she wanted me to hold her. She was asleep in five minutes. So by about 9:45 all was quiet.

I was proud of Daughter. She only called once to check. They got in at 12:30, and I was on my way home to my bed. All in all a good night.

I was so proud of Monkey I couldn't stand it. He has come a looong way! He really was a brat for a long time, but he has come so far! I had a wonderful time with my grandchildren.

That brings me to something I wasn't really going to write about here, but I feel I must. We have a 22 month old in our area who is dying from neuroblastoma. It is stage 4 and she is terminal. She had no chance, and her body is shiutting down. She is at home -to die, and this has been going on for about three weeks now. Her name is Layla Grace. If you think of it, please pray for her parents as they are helping her to the end, as well as her 9 year old and 3 year old sisters who are with grandmother at this time so they remember Layla as she was before, not as she is now.

Peace be with you.


Judy said...

I'm glad you got along okay babysitting with your recovering knee. I'm glad that Layla Grace's parents knew enough to send the other two to grandma's. They are too young and don't need to witness the end. Even people our age shouldn't have to sit and witness anyone's last breath. It makes me sad for the little girl--22 month's old--can you even imagine what her mother is going through? Such agony. I have prayed for her parents and the sisters.

Grandma K said...

Thank you Jude. This family has been through sheer hell. Layla was diagnosed in May 2009. She has been in the hospital for weeks on end, and has endured more pain and things than any child should ever have to. As big as the Houston metropolitan area us, our little NW area is like a small town, and this little girl has pulled more people together than you can imagine.

Thank you for prayers for the family. They need them.