Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Layla Grace and my back

Those two absolutely have no connection, but anyway. Layla passed yesterday early morning. She fought a valiant battle. It is so sad to see such a tiny baby have to face so much in a young life. Her parents are devoted to spreading the word about neuroblastoma, which they knew nothing about before Layla was stricken. They learned, too late, it can be diagnosed by a simple urine test. It is a disease that strikes young children. But Layla is at peace, and now prayers are certainly in order for her family (mom, dad, sister (9) and sister (3)) as they try to put their lives back together. Thank you for past prayers, but keep the family in your prayers.

Yesterday was my appointment with the pain specialist. To say the least, I was nervous as the appointment time grew closer. When we walked in, my first impression was it that was a fly by night operation. I was not impressed - at all. They were located in what used to be a medical supply store.

My first task was to fill out about 100 pages of information. That irritated me greatly. That took me 30 minutes, and I have learned a secret from my step mother. I have a card with my medical history on it. It lists all medicines, all allergies and all surgeries (which are mounting!). So that saved some time.

I finally got in, and, of course, we sat. At one point this really tall guy came in to get the spine model. G remarked that certainly they could afford more than one spine model. I wondered! After what seemed like forever, this guy came back. He gave us a little of his history. It seems that he had to work his way through school. Between med school and his specialization, he somehow was working in a nursing home or something.

When he bagan taking my health history, which was on the 100 page book I filled out, I was sure he wasn't a doctor at all. I really didn't like him. It was difficult to get things straight. I was ready to bolt! I honestly thought he was stupid. But then, the physical exam began. He had me lie on the table on my side. He got G over, and told him to watch my hip. He began manipulate my leg/hip. HURT! This was done on both sides.

To make a long story shorter, he descried the way I walk and how it is putting pressure on my lower back. I walk that way because I already have problems - pinched nerves, arthritic changes, stenosis, and other generative changes, but the way I walk makes it worse.

Sooooo, the upshot of all this is simple. I come back to that location for PT. In about three weeks (because of my schedule - I'm not missing the SSB trip), I will go about 45 miles away from here for the steroid injections in my spine. Insurance will pay for three - should be six. Sounds about like insurance doesn't it.

He said my back is serious. If we don't step in seriously now, I will be in really bad shape in the future. We're talking wheel chair here.

Now I am wondering how this will fit with my other knee replacement. I still want it ASAP, but right now I think this back problem is the main concern. I will call the ortho doc later today to see if they want to see me now, or after all the back stuff is taken care of.

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judemiller1 said...

It is just one damn thing after another isn't it? My PT seems to be helping this time, so I am not going to the ortho doc until it is over with. People seem to be pushing me this way and that--go to the ortho doc, go to the orthotist, go get your mammogram, go get a bone density scan. GEEZ!!