Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The gas company has finally come to put in the meter here for the generator. I hate the gas company! Last week, they called, out of the blue, to put in the meter at the other house. It wasn't there for the inspections. Yesterday I discovered the water heater probably doesn't work. I never got any hot water. But I don't think a water heater would have sunk the deal anyway.

But back to home. We are on the last leg of the generator saga. The meter has been paid for since July. We are finally getting it.

Yesterday, the construction crew from the phone company came to fill in the hole that has been dug out three times to fix the nicked cable. They even put in new sod! Soon, I can go back to locking my gate so that I don't have to worry about strangers coming into my back yard! Finally!!!

Things are looking up. Now I just have to face . . . the knees. Still scares the stuffin' out of me. I'll make the appointment with the doc probably next week. We (G and I) have decided on sometime after January 18. Oh, what am I in for?



judemiller1 said...

Most people I know got BOTH knees done at one time. They said, "I told the doc he was only gonna get me in the hospital once so he better do it all" and surprisingly, they had no problems with recovery. My ex just had both his done this spring and was playing golf by August.

Grandma K said...

I have visions of me flopping around like a fish out of water that way!! I am so scared of the whole thing. I have heard of both ways. I just don't know!!