Wednesday, November 11, 2009


As you know, I have been working hard on getting items ready for the craft show in December. I have been pushing the machine really hard.

I have a new sewing table that I got for my birthday (and anniversary and probably for Christmas and Valentine's Day at its price) that has a pneumatic device to lower it into the cabinet. I did that the other day. I needed the space, and I put the machine in the lowest position. Great, right?

Uh, no. I forgot one little detail. I didn't take the external CD computer cord out if its side. When I lowered the machine, the cord stuck. Oh that computer cords would stick like that when you want them to. But I didn't realize it at all. Yesterday, I was ready to stitch another design. I tried to put the thumb drive in the port. It wouldn't go. I tried the cord. It wouldn't go. Then I realized what had happened.

I looked at the cord from the CD drive. It was chewed inside. So was the port on the machine. I then tried to hook the computer directly because you can do that. The machine wouldn't recognize the computer. I was dead in the water. It also was messing up the last design I was working on.

I am embarrassed to take it for service. I know the other one was a lemon. I don't think they know that fact today. When whoever bought it keeps bringing it back, they will know though. But I think they believe I don't know how to sew.

I think I am going to fabricate just how this disaster happened. I just can't admit I was so stupid. But I am wondering just how much this little fiasco is going to set me back.

I will take it after a bit, and I am hoping fervently I can get it back on Tuesday. I've got a lot of work yet to do!


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Judy said...

Dammit! Doesn't it make you feel like your inept or something? Things like that happen all the time around here--well not ALL the time, but enough to make me groan and swear and in my mind think I am too dang old to be doing stuff.
Hope they can fix it and if you have to lie about how it happened, go ahead!!!