Thursday, November 12, 2009

In the continuing drama of my life

I took the machine to the shop yesterday. One of the sales people who claims to love these machines looked at the computer slots, and said it should be easy to replace. I tend to agree because it looks like a pretty much stand alone component once you get into the guts of the machine. But when the owner of the shop looked at it, he wouldn't even guesstimate about the machine. He said they would have to run diagnostics to check the mother board. Well, a mother board couldn't cost over $2000 - could it??

So there is sits. I am awaiting word. I keep telling myself Ken (the owner) probably likes the Brother machines better than mine, or he just doesn't really know the machines at all. They just make him money. Nevertheless, I really need it back.

This down time gives me a little spare time though. I am on my way up to the craft room anyway. The a/c-heated people are coming to do the fall check on the systems. I was just telling Daughter I should have made her old room into the craft room. Son's old room (the one I am using) has both access doors to the attic where the equipment lives. We had taken in our attic when the kids were teens/preteens to give two bedrooms, a bath and a sitting area. It was nice to get them and their associated mess upstairs and out of sight. In fact, I even found a poster that announced "Teen ager lives here." I put it at the base of the stairs. So I have to go up to move the ironing board and other associated sewing equipment away from the access doors.

Tomorrow we will be heading to the SSB. Son in law, Contractor dude (who is working on the investment house) and Old Friend will be going with us. I don't know how long I can stand the testosterone in house. I may have to go to the next mountain for some relief from my friend there!!

Hope you have a great weekend. I might check in, but usually things are too busy. At the least, see you Tuesday!



Marti said...

Diagnostics huh? Well, you know how those Mothers are. ;)

You reminded me, I need to get our hvac serviced also.

judemiller1 said...

Have a great weekend.