Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Oh my,

I found there are many embroidery groups on Yahoo, and I joined several of the groups. Most are groups that are set up by digitizers. They are the people who put together the computer designs for the machine. They will often offer samples and other freebies. That is wonderful in itself, but there are some really cute sets, and they are often on sale. Anyway, I spend a lot of time on Yahoo. Some of those folks must spend 24/7 because they post a lot of messages!

Today I was reading one message posted to one of my groups, and the woman was talking about doing projects for craft shows. That got my attention quickly. She went on to say that she is on her second machine in just a few years (sounds familiar), and the present one has frozen up. I was really interested now.

She said that she fully explained to her dealer what she wanted out of a machine, and they sold her the ones they did. Now when she takes them in for service, she is told they were not meant for business use. They are for only about a million stitches. Some of the things I have done recently (most if truth be told) are 20,000 at a minumum. I am sure I am beyond a million.

Now her machine is not the same as mine, and I am sure my first one was a lemon. It should have been yellow - lemon yellow! Needless to say, I am really worried about this machine now! I can just hear it - I should have bought a commercial machine. I guess I could have for a little more than what this one ran, but they only embroidery. I wanted something that sewed as well.

I guess I'll just have to praise this one and keep it happy!


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judemiller1 said...

Next time you have to get a new machine, you can get a commercial one. A treat for yourself. We all need a treat every now and then--even if it is an expensive one--the days are getting shorter and shorter until we won't sew anymore so I say--we need the nice things now before it is too late.