Friday, November 20, 2009

The long wait

Daughter has an appointment December 1 for a biopsy. That just feels like such a long time. I know it really isn't, but . . . At least we have Thanksgiving in there to break up the time. Three years ago plus a few days, I was the one waiting.

Holiday time isn't always a pleasant time around here. My mother died in December. My dad died January 13, which isn't really holidays, but he was so ill during the holidays. My step mother died right after Christmas. She was also so ill at Christmas. I had my suspect mammogram right after Christmas, so I spend a lot of time worrying about it. Now we have this.

I am really optimistic about the results though. This is probably a case like they are talking about. She will have to go through the pain of the biopsy with a result of no cancer, but I know she wants the biopsy. She would not be open to waiting to see what happens. The masses are large, and from what I understand, large masses in a young woman are usually not cancerous.

So we keep our heads up high and plan to have a good Thanksgiving. I know part of their Thanksgiving will include a trip to the Alamo City as SIL's dad just had heart bypass surgery. Things will work out fine.



flying eagle woman said...

all my prayers, thoughts and hugs to you both!!!!

judemiller1 said...

Everything will be just fine. I have lots of large masses too--usually fibrous milk ducts. Praying anyway, 'cause it can't hurt.

Joan said...

Ahhh jeez and I was worrying about my damn slippers.. I'll put out a prayer for your daughter. Have a good weekend.

Jenn Jilks said...

As you say, every day above ground...
All the best.