Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas present

G has been emailing the kids with an idea for my Christmas present for this year. It is the same one he thought of last year, and, really, I won't mind it especially if I am going to be incapacitated for several weeks in January with the old knee.

When I was reading Judy's blog this morning, she was talking about how nice a larger house would be, but it means more work. I can fully attest to that. We are still in the house where we raised the kids. We have been here since right about this time 1975. We have even added on to it - we took in the attic to add two bedrooms, bath and sitting area.

I love a clean house. I HATE housework. At one point in my life, I taught full time, was a church organist two Sunday's a month, and ran a small craft shop which was open on Saturdays and Sundays for which I was the crafter. During that time, I kept my head above water. But Daughter still was home, and she provided some help.

Recently, the cancer drained me of all energy, and the arthritis has progressively gotten worse and worse. My house is cluttered. It is dusty.

All that said, I will return to the beginning of this post. G wants to give me a cleaning service for Christmas. That's great. Of course I need to get things a little more ship-shape before that happens, and I can do that. The sticking point from what Daughter tells me is that he has the bizarre idea to rent a storage facility to move everything into from the house to "deep clean."

I will balk at that! First, that is much more work than is required! Second this house is not that bad! And - if he would help with small things - like picking up the newspaper when he is through reading it - it would be nice! You would think it was like the houses you see on that program "Hoarders." Clutter is one thing - filth is another!

So, these days with no sewing machine that I need, my plan is to cut the clutter. I want to do that regardless after talking to Aunt F, I know I will have all sorts of help in and out of the house. And I am really sick of all this cr*p!

Tomorrow the promised pictures.



judemiller1 said...

I was just telling Fred the other day--after cleaning and mopping and vacuuming and then sitting in my chair in tears from the pain, "I need a cleaning lady to come in every other week!"

Go for the service and enjoy it!!!

flying eagle woman said...

ohhhh this post evoked a plethora of feeilngs in me! I too love a clean house...and hate housework...and I too wish to cut down on clutter! I hope this turns out in a happy way for you!!!! REALLY! I DO!!!!

Grandma K said...

G hasn't mentioned anything to me - yet. I just hope the kids will steer him right!! Oh yes - I am going to accept the help. I can no longer do the cleaning like it should be done.

angela said...

I might take someone up on the storage place. I love to have the clean house too--especially studio space. But I am not ever an organized person unless I force the issue. I figure a professional organizer is what I need. But I do love a housekeeper--the bones just don't appreciate the way I would have to move to clean. I hope you get your Christmas wish.