Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where did that $5 come from?

Well, that title isn't exactly accurate. This is really about one - Lady Bug. She is my darling 7 1/2 year old granddaughter. She pulled a real stunt Sunday night into Monday.

She has decided she wants a skate board (why??) more than anything in the world. She doesn't want to wait for Santa to bring it - she wants it now.

She had about $3 that she said she was saving to buy the dream board from the local sports store. She helped her mom clean the den and was told she earned $2 more. That was like all the money in the world for her.

She was with me on Monday. At one point she proposed that I ask her a difficult question, and it she answered it correctly I would give her $1. I told her that I don't play that game. As a side, she is a very intelligent child. The problem is that she knows it! That often presents a problem when she is sure she knows everything. Anyway, back to the story.

She showed me the money she had accumulated. When she opened her purse, her dollars went flying everywhere. I had her bring the money and her wallet to me. We straightened the bills and put them into the wallet - properly. That's when I saw she had a five dollar bill. I thought it to be strange, but dismissed it.

When she was went home, she told her mother that I had asked her the capital of Arizona which she answered correctly, and I gave her $5. K called me because she thought it was cute and another example of my spoiling my grandchild. She was going to tease me about it. I told her the REAL story. The real story hit K like a brick. She then knew what happened to the $5 she had in her wallet.

K asked Lady Bug if she wanted to tell her anything. LB told her that she took the money from her wallet when K was in the shower. K was crushed. It isn't that she is burying her head in the sand, but she didn't know it would happen so soon.

As a consequence, they removed her TV from her room (good move), took all the Hannah Montana stuff away (yea), and all the High School Musical stuff (double yea). She is restricted from the Disney Channel's teen age based shows. I am so glad. She has been pushing the teenage years since her step-sister came to live with them when she was four. M has been gone for two years, but the horror of her living with them remains. (I tried to find posts to link to about the darling girl, but I can't find any).

Lady Bug's actions were those that we would have expected from M. It was so typical of her. We all know that LB is going to try a lot of stuff, I guess we just didn't expect it this soon.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I had to laugh out loud. My son, age the tender age of 6, borrowed/took his friend's total savings. He claimed the boy gave it to him but needless to say that boy's mother disagreed. The monies were returned but my son wasn't welcomed back for a long time. My daughter thought everyone's glittery notebooks were meant for her to take.

All kids steal.


Grandma K said...

They sure do! I guess I just wondered when it was going to happen. I think (hope) she learned something from this whole thing. The best is that she isn't allowed the influence of the older TV shows. She needs to be a kid - not a teen yet!!