Sunday, September 21, 2008

What happened to us

I have heard that it is catahartic to talk about bad experiences. Well, I guess that's what I'm going to do.

I wasn't in the least afraid of Ike. I thought it would just be a pain in the a**. Was I wrong. It was quite scary. I kept thinking the thing would turn north - much sooner than it did. It was really amazing to watch that huge thing heading for the Texas coast.

Our lights managed to stay on with some blips until 1am on Saturday. That is a feat because they usually go in a heavy dew with a puff of wind. Of course, G waited until Thursday evening to check the generator. It wouldn't start or at least keep running - same thing. So I knew we were toast!

Saturday my daughter had her power restored. She is on the same grid with the police and fire stations. They said a tornado had taken out the high voltage lines and a couple of transformers. They looked to have our little suburb's power on by 2am Sunday.

We thought we could certainly stand it for that long. SO we stayed. Dark, dark, hot and humid. It was 81 outside at 10 pm with the humidity at 91% - NO wind. We thought we were going to die. We also figured out at 10 that the power company had quit at 8.

Sunday we stayed with our son. G wasn't comfortable in that bed. It was so much better than our couch where I slept. With the coming of a cool front on Monday we returned home. Still no power, but at least it was cool.

We promised each other that if the power wasn't restored by 1 pm on Tuesday we were gone. We spend Monday throwing away food that was in the refrigerators. At least it was cool that night. On Tuesday 1 pm came and we left. My daughter called and told me that the power came on at 4.

Oh well. We are now actively looking for a new freezer which we had promised each other before the storm so we can collect our meats from the kids' freezers. Much of the vegetables were saved. We are continuing with our lives and really appreciating lights, air conditioning and INTERNET!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad that Ike didn't cause you too much damage. How's the recovery going?