Sunday, September 28, 2008

Small steps

Our little incorporated city outside Swampland announced they would begin picking up fallen tree limbs on September 15. They would have a second pick up on the 20th. The first announcement was the tree limbs could be 6-8 feet long and stacked at the curb. The second announcement, coming well after people had labored to put their limbs out - with no power, said they had to be 4-6 feet long and bundled. Well . . .

So the trucks came and went - along with a police escort (? valuable items there ?) and a public works truck. They tentatively ventured onto our street only to apparently flee in horror. Our street wasn't really all that bad. They scoured the entire village, and finally, today, we were graced with the long awaited debris pick-up.

They made three separate trips to our street to pick up those limbs. I guess there was more than I thought, but then the truck that was picking them up really wasn't all that big.

Now the street looks like another hurricane came through. There are limbs, branches and leaves scattering the entire street. But at least the mounds are gone. I am very pleased on two counts. One is safety. They were hard to see around. The second is that gives one less hiding place for those little blood sucking mosquitos!

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