Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I finally got to have my post-op appointment with the plastic surgeon. I was supposed to go to him the 12th of September. The move of his office stopped that! So I was supposed to go on the following Monday. Ike changed that. They were finally in the office on Tuesday, but we were gone.

I called on Wednesday to make an appointment for this week. When I talked to the nurse, I asked what I should be doing. She asked if I could find a doctor or nurse where we were to have the "boulsters" over the nipple removed. Funniest thing - we have a nurse on the next hill.

So I called J, she called the nurse at the surgeon's office, and I had the boulsters removed. It was such a relief. They looked like four cotton balls and were stitched to the nipple and surrounding breast tissue. It was a real relief when those stitches were cut.

My appointment was for today - at the new office. It should have not caused me any anxiety. It is next to his old office. But we are talking Medical Center here. One of the largest medical centers in the world. I am scared silly of the Medical Center. I also am scared of the parking situation. Many times, there is a loooong walk included with the parking space.

The old office was great. They had valet parking that was right at the door. It was $10 or less, and it was right at the door. I had that one nailed! But now I was faced with a new situation, and I don't handle change well at all.

I was early - very early because our Freeways are a mess - all day. I don't know why, but they are. So I left super early. I turned onto the street where I would normally turn thinking that the two buildings were connected. I noticed the new office had its own parking garage. I turned around to go to a street where I knew there were some places to park so I could call the office.

I had to park in the new building. I found the valet parking, but there were no signs about the cost. I worried the entire time I was in the office because I had $24 to my name at the time.

I was checked. I have some redness that we both (the doc and I) believe is dermatitis. I reacted to wearing that surgical sports bra for days on end. I have a very itchy rash. He decided I needed to have another round of antibiotics just to be sure. Then the very best. He had the nurse remove the drain. Heaven!! No more pulling of the stitches. I was absolutely in heaven.

I managed to find the place to pay parking. It was different from the valet ticket. I used my credit card. I went to rescue the truck. The person in front of me didn't pay anything. I handed over my ticket. No money was requested, and in fact the attendant looked shocked when I tipped him.

So I was homeward bound. The trip home reminded me Swampland isn't back to normal yet. I encountered 3 or 4 traffic signals that were still out. There were police directing traffic at those locations. That part of the trip wasn't as easy as usual. The lights are usually synchronized so that if you drive the speed limit - you don't stop. Well, it wasn't bad even so.

Ah, another day, another adventure!!

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