Friday, September 16, 2005


I am an animal lover. I have always had animals. We lost out last pet in July, but I still have animals. I am fostering my son's two cats, Sasha and Sebastian. He cannot have them where he is currently living.

Sebastian is a beautiful black long hair. He is so terribly shy that when anyone comes into the house, he disappears. He really must know you to stay around. It is sad that when B comes to take care of them (that was the deal; - we just house them) Sebastian doesn't know him and hides. He is a sweet cat who causes no problems, unless you consider he "fights the outside cats" through the windows. That is hard on the blinds!

Sasha on the other hand is a difficult cat. She is small and agile. She is over 5, but thinks she is still a kitten. She even looks like a teenaged cat. The biggest problem with her is that she loves to help items, especially glass, commit suicide. She will tease and tease the item until it falls off of the bar, table, mantle, whatever.

She almost has me trained. I try to be very careful what I leave around. This morning when I walked from the den to the breakfast room, barefooted, I stepped on glass. I couldn't remember what I had left out. As I investigated further, I found that she had really worked hard to knock a baby food jar with a little diluted glue that I was using to line a cigar box purse onto the floor. All in all, there really was no damage, but she can be so infuriating.

The answer? Well, I guess I could force B to remove her. But that would probably mean she would have to go to a shelter for adoption. That is really not an option. It's not her fault she is here. It's not really B's fault that he cannot have her right now. Things in his life have changed since he rescued her from his apartment's parking lot. I guess the only answer is to do what you so with an infant - just cat proof! So that's what I'll try to remember, and we will live somewhat harmoniously.

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