Monday, September 19, 2016


Got the cortisone injection on Friday!  It has helped so much.  I am not completely pain-free because there are other problems in my back, but the sciatica is so much better.

Things are about the same around here.  I saw the physician who will be my new primary today.  I like him - it's just he wants to do a yearly physical.  Do. Not. Like. Those.  But then I guess I will live through them.  I have been going to so many specialists for so long, I forget about a primary care one!

Tomorrow is my eye injection - one of my favorite things to do.  Just can't wait for that one.

Then it's off to the SSB - again.  I so want to stay home, but that isn't an option.  Geesh.

Then on the 4th is the trip to Hawaii.  I KNOW I should be excited, and I am a little since I am not in such pain, but once again - I wish we were just staying home.

So that's my life.  Isn't it exciting?


Jeanette said...

I'm so glad the cortisone helped the pain! Enjoy the rest of the week. And I'm jealous! I wish I was going to Hawaii!

Marti said...

Maybe now that you are out of so much pain, you will start looking forward to going to Hawaii. The SSB, not so much. I'm so glad you enjoy your eye shots. lol. I start dreading going to the retina specialist a day before my appointment. That blinding light! Hope you enjoy your trips and take lots of pictures.

Judy said...

Glad the injection helped. I have no desire to go to Hawaii. Too far to travel and I'd be so tired I wouldn't enjoy my stay. You'll have fun, once you get underway.


does cortisone help with the sciatica pain? why didn't anyone tell me that..wonder if it will help with the leg cramps.???