Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Better mood, lousy pain

I am sure I am in such a bad mood so often is the continual pain I am in.  I am trying something new - especially with all the news reports on NAISD pain relievers.  I am trying Turmneric capsules.  I only began last night, so I cannot say yea or nay.  For a while - and when I went to bed it seemed I had a good deal of relief.  Right now (5 pm) that is not the case at all.  I tried to sit at the embroidery machine for a while and only lasted 45 minutes.  Negotiating the stairs was a really scary thing to do because I was afraid I would fall since it hurt so to move.  I will try more capsules in just a bit.

Travel - I still don't really want to do it, but I am not as rabid about it as I was.  I especially do not like to fly.  It isn't because I am afraid of flying.  Not at all.  I just hate going through TSA.  I am tired of being wanded, patted down and the like because I have titanium knees.  Of course,  there is the never to be forgotten time at LAX with Katie was 5 (now 15) when I shut down the whole airport.  The idiot at the curb didn't give out 6 boarding passes, and the little girl was too busy flirting at the first check-point so when I got to the final concourse with the e-ray machine that was a real security breach.

I don't mind relatively short flights.  It is the loong ones that kill me.  Sitting with my knees flexed for a long period of time is very painful.  So with the airlines wanting to transport us like cattle on a cattle truck I don't have the luxury of stretching out my legs.

All else around here is the same.One day just flows into another and time is racing by.

Have a good one.


Judy said...

I haven't flown in years and don't plan to ever again. There is no room to stretch out my long legs. With two Titanium hips, I probably have armed TSA people pointing their guns at me when I set off the machine!


I have been using Turmeric and I think I can tell a difference...