Sunday, September 11, 2016

Relief soon?

I am really undecided about the Turmeric and its effectiveness for pain relief.  Things were going fairly well until last night and today.  The relief is not there.

I have always had trouble falling asleep.  When the house gets quiet, my brain is on high alert.  I simply cannot shut it off.  My son is the same way.  We really understand each other.  The rest of the family has no clue, but we know.  When my arthritis really flares as it has been last night and today, sleep just doesn't come.  I cannot get comfortable.

I am not sure if the left shoulder might be a rotator cuff tear.  That was once the diagnosis, but I certainly didn't trust that guy.  He wasn't going to do an arthroscopic surgery.  He was going to go "old school" and lay my shoulder open.  Hmmmm.  No!  AND he was just way too eager to start cutting on me.  His office called after I said I wanted to think about it (I was just trying to be nice and get out!) and wanted to schedule me.  Don't think so.  That was nearly 8 years ago - just before William was born.

Last night I was ready to do ANYTHING however.  Today in church it just was aching terribly.

Tuesday I go to the pain doctor.  I told her before I didn't want the meds, but I think I am changing my mind.  I know she can schedule me for the cortisone injections very quickly.  Then I know she will prescribe PT.  I remember the exercises from PT for my back, but when I tried the one that felt so good the last time it was painful, and the pain remained for a day or so.

So here I sit.  Aching, moaning, and complaining to you once again.  I never understood the old saying "if I had known I would live this long - and that I would feel this way - I would have taken better care of myself!"  How true, how true!


Sally said...

I'm so sorry you're hurting, and unable to sleep. Prayers for you to somehow get relief. Hey, I wouldn't have wanted that doc to work on me either when there's a much simpler, safer way. :(


Jeanette said...

Hope you feel better soon.


did you try apple cider vinegar and honey?