Friday, September 02, 2016

I am back!

And the computer is better than new!!  At least I guess it is.  It was pretty bad when I had Mike work on it, and then I had to use the OLD Dell which I am afraid is on its last legs.  This one speeds along.  He cleaned up some things and talked me into a solid state hard drive.  Wow!  It now loads so fast and moves so fast.  Best money spent ever!

Let's see - what have I done.  Well, we went to the Lutheran Gathering in New Orleans,  I wasn't so much blown away with this one.  And getting around would have been fine - IF I were 30 years younger.  The Convention Center there is about three blocks long.  I.  Don't. (Can't) Do. Three. Blocks.  My knees and back simply prohibit that.  With the stenosis, degeneration, and sciatica I can simply forget that kind of walking.

The buses would let us off at one end of the place - where registration and the services were.  To get to any of the sessions, you had to go the second floor and at the other end of the place.  I really hated it.

I love Cajun food, but every night for a week wore thin.  G liked the little place across the street from the hotel, so that's where we went.  Got my fill of fish for a long, long time.  I have never been a big fish eater anyway.

We headed back on the Monday after the Gathering.  That's the day after the heavy flooding in Baton Rouge.  On the train, they said if we could get past Lafayette we would be good.  We did, but the waters were high!

Then a few days later it was off to the SSB.

To make my complaints complete I have to add another.  I shouldn't complain about this one, but once again - if I were 30 years younger I would be excited.  G has us to go to Hawaii.  He simply doesn't understand that with my arthritis and other joint problems I DO NOT enjoy traveling.  I really do not want to go.

So I made an appointment with my pain doctor.  I know I can't get the PT in before this trip.  And before I told her I didn't want the pain meds, but I really believe I am going to change my mind this time.  I just hurt too badly.  It's terrible to be set to go to such a beautiful place and hate the thought.


Jeanette said...

Maybe you could get a little scooter or something to ride for those long distances? Definitely would not want to miss a trip to Hawaii!


I hurts ..but I have to do...and I'm with Jeannette..get one of those scooters.