Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Surprise ending

Another happening in our hotel drama today!

G just told me that he received an email from the hotel manager.

They send a note of apology for our experiences with the "neighbor" this past weekend.  The real kicker is that they comped BOTH nights for us.

This wasn't something we requested, and as far as we're concerned it was far and above what we even thought of in our wildest imagination.  It, of course, is appreciated.  Think we will push for further reunions there - you bet!  Guess they thought that 35+ people staying at their facility was important.

I DO regret this ever happened.  From the first perceived insult on, I do regret the situation.  But this lady repeatedly tried to find anything for retribution.  We both bet she is on some list somewhere for this chain.  Just sayin'.


Unrelated to the above.  Went to the cardio doc yesterday.  I was wondering when he was going to announce his news, and it was yesterday.  He is retiring in October!  Boo!

I am beginning to feel like the Queen (I think) song - And Another One Bites the Dust.  I think at this point in time I just need to get a Primary Care Physician.  There is no reason to see a Cardiologist.  I don't have heart disease (yet!).  All he does for me is to check my blood pressure and those meds.

I am going to miss him however.  Our relationship over the last few years has become really good.

Looks like the rain will hold off for a while today, so hopefully I can finally make it to Costco!  Meal planning has been difficult because I don't have any vegetables - fresh or frozen.  No potatoes.  Sides are sparce about these parts.



ah, the worm turned on that grumpy ole bitch.

Sally said...

So glad that worked out the way it did! I hear you about groceries; need to go soon. :)