Tuesday, June 07, 2016


Do you get a number of solicitors and/or robo calls?  We surely do!

I have gotten to where I use my Caller ID all the time.  If I don't know the number - I do not answer.  My philosophy is and always has been that I pay for this telephone, therefore I speak to whom I wish.  If I don't answer, and it's important, there is always an answering service of some sort hooked up to that line.  Leave a message.

This attitude of mine carries over to the phone at the SSB, although it is more difficult there.  I will answer more calls than here at home.  We often have calls out to service people.  It is a difficult situation there because their attitude is that they don't want to work in the first place.  It can be done later - they are going hunting, or fishing, or ...  They are not lazy people, but life moves at a completely different pace.  That can be infuriating when the time for them to get something done is short.

I also don't answer my cell to calls that are not in my directory.  I am immensely happy that there is no longer the monthly charge PLUS a charge for each call!!  I hate that those numbers have been supplied to the solicitors!  Just this minute got one from 00000000000.  You KNOW I was going to answer that one!

I did miss an important one yesterday.  I didn't recognize the area code.  I also didn't know G had been calling people about the trip he wants to take to Hawaii.  Guess what - it was one of those returning the call.  I didn't check messages until 10pm last night!  I didn't think there was going to be a message.

Two others we got were from area codes that were strange.  The calls were even stranger, and I really need to call the police about them.  They weren't the common IRS scam calls.  They were saying that someone at this number has been charged on five criminal accounts, and they were going to "help" us get through these accusations.  One ended: "if you ignore this call, all we can do is wish you good luck."  Very legal, right?


Jeanette said...

I agree! If its not a number I recognize I don't answer it. If it's important they will leave a voice message!


and you can never talk to a real person to tell them to go fuck themselves...sigh*