Wednesday, June 08, 2016

What a day!

I believe I have alluded to the fact that I have claimed the upstairs of my house as MY area - my crafting/sewing area.  It is two bedrooms (just one has a bed), a bath and a sitting area because when we took in the attic, the contractor couldn't figure out what else to do with that space that runs in front of the Hollywood bath and bedrooms.  So he called it the gallery.  It too is a storage area.  No one is to breach my area.  So there were some things that haven't been done - in YEARS.

One of those things was to move an old mattress under the bed that is there.  It was stored there when daughter, son-in-law, step-grand would come to visit.  Megan had to stay WITH them.  Not in the bedroom downstairs that had a twin bed.

When my son and his wife were living with her mother, the mother didn't want his cats.  So we kept them for a while.  Back in some of the earlier posts, I am sure I lamented about one of those cats - Sasha!  The took great joy in watching things commit assisted suicide.  She would get on the counter (which I also hated, but could never catch her) and tap objects, especially glass ones, until they fell off and shattered.

So I found a cat playhouse.  It was about 2x3x6.  She and Sebastian were to spend the unsupervised times in said playhouse.  It really was for outside use - so they could be getting some fresh air while safe, but for me, it was the bunkhouse.  She HATED it.  I would have to chase her down.

She loved to hide under the bed upstairs.  That room had not become the fabric/ribbon, completed projects awaiting sale room.  But that little mattress was under that bed, and it gave her perfect cover.

One night I pulled it out of the one side of the bed.  It has remained there for a long time because getting it back was not easy like it had been.  It looked horrible and took up a lot of space - that I really need for my totes.

This afternoon I tackled that mattress.  I would have had someone take it down to put in the garbage, but with our rains and garbage day being on Tuesday for this type of thing, I couldn't get one of the boys to help.  It went back into its place.  Someday, someone will have to deal with it.

But to move it, I had to take the top mattress off, the box springs off, and then pull that thing under.  There isn't that much available room for all that "stuff."  I was petrified that I would fall.  I.  Don't. Fall.  At least if I can possibly help it.  I can't get up easily.

But it is done.  Now it's quiet time to let my poor old body freeze up.  I will go back tomorrow and tackle the totes that have to be sorted and put away more properly!  But there's always tomorrow ...



Jamie and Abby will be moving out of their mother's house as she can't afford the mortgage and utilities and Kathy was a borderline hoarder..I am not looking forward to this..sigh*

Judy said...

I'm glad you have space that is just for you! Forget about the dang mattress under the bed. It will give your kids something to complain about after you're dead and THEY have to clean everything out! HAH!