Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Short dishwasher update

Cross your fingers!  The guy came out on Monday, just as I requested on email.  He replaced both controllers and both heating elements.  As he was doing a final run of the machine, he decided the top drawer was making a noise.  My heart sank.  More time with no dishwasher.  I was in luck - he had the plastic (gasp) parts that are with that drawer (it will take more time to explain what they do than I want to spend here).

Anyway - it works - at least each drawer individually.  It's quiet.  He does clean so nicely.  BUT I haven't had a chance to run both drawers at the same time.

I don't think we will really love this machine.  It is small really.  My dinner plates are too big to fit the way they are supposed to, but apparently this is a problem for all people.  The tech showed me what to do - turn the plates around.  I did - and it works,

Guess I will contact Discover and allow payment to go through in a couple of days.


Judy said...

A friend thought those drawer kind would be fab, so she got one and...within the month had sent it back and got a regular dishwasher. Two racks, two wash arms. Hope yours keeps working!


have fingers crossed for you...I miss the cupboard space that ny dish washer is taking up..

Sally said...

Hopefully, this will do the trick. :)

MartiDIY said...

Sounds like you had a repairman who knew what he was doing. Hope it's working right now and that you have come to like it now.

Diane Dahli said...

Whew! Can't live without a dishwasher! But I remember doing dishes "by hand", my sisters and I taking turns drying, gossiping, laughing. Ah, good old days!