Thursday, October 22, 2015

Busy, busy

We have been gone - again.  This time we became "leaf peepers."  We took trains to the Northeast.  We left here, went to New Orleans (for the night for our connection).  Then it was Wilmington, Delaware, Burlington, Vermont, Quebec, back to Springfield, Massachusetts then home.

This was a `12 day trip.  I really have to say that while our color is much later, our trees are really just as pretty in the fall.  I was prepared for temperatures in the 30's, but our last day - in Springfield - the low that morning was 19!!!  On the trip from Burlington to Springfield we saw LOTS of snow in Vermont.  They were even clearing roads.

Both animals are freaky from their stay - their "camp" experience.  Shadow was wild while there, and he hasn't left my side unless I have left the house.  Clyde is his usual exhausted dog, but he is like this even when we go to the ranch.  Any change in the routine just wears him out.  He finally ate this afternoon. 

I have a mountain of laundry to do.  I got better with my packing this time.  The only extra things I brought home were one blouse and night clothes and underwear.  I won't go into reasons for those (other than the blouse) being extra.  If you are over 60, you may understand.  Think I will be talking to my doctor about a little bladder lift soon.

But all is well.  G did have us scheduled to leave for the ranch tomorrow.  Gasp.  At least he put it off until Monday.  I keep hoping there will still be flooding in the Hill Country (not to wish anyone any problems, but ...).  But he also said that if we don't go on Monday, then we won't be home before Halloween.  I don't like leaving this house on Halloween.  Nothing has ever happened, but I don't want it to.

So that it where I am.  I haven't downloaded pictures yet.  I did buy a new edition of Photoshop.  I don't have any photo editing on my computers any more.  Don't know where it went, but I have one now.

I will check in later!


MartiDIY said...

I can't wait to see the pictures! I've always wanted to go to the Northeast in the fall. Our colors are sometimes good and sometimes go straight from green to brown. All depends on how quickly the temperature drops I think.

We call our cat "velcro cat" after we've been gone for awhile. After our last trip, not only did he attach himself to our legs, he meowed constantly unless we reached down to pet him, and the moment we stopped petting, he started meowing again. But that was only for a few days and now he's back to normal.

I've heard there is a lot of flooding already. We've gotten a lot of rain, but west of us has gotten a lot more.

Sally said...

Glad you're home safely, and have a safe trip on Monday.

Don't blame you for not wanting to leave the house empty on Halloween. The world is getting crazier by the day. Sad state of affairs we're all in.

I use for photos; used it for years for free but then updated but haven't been charged yet. LOL