Sunday, September 06, 2015

Happy Labor Day

But to me day could be the Labor Day holiday!  And I love it.  Can't understand why people bemoan retiring.  I. Love. It.  It WOULD be nicer if I were younger to enjoy it more!

I hesitate to say that I have "fair to middlin" internet service these days.  The little guy from ATT came out and put us on a sort of back channel where there aren't many others with the hopes of increasing speed.  It is kind of like being at the end of a line where not much of anything gets there.

We had to make a quick (and I mean QUICK) trip to the SSB.  We were finally scheduled for September 4 to get the internet upgraded.  On the second, we got a call right about noon asking if we could be there on the third since there was an installer in the area.  Fortunately it was before 1:00, so we hurriedly threw what we needed for a few days together and left.

We were there until Saturday.  Normally we don't travel at all on Labor Day weekend, but this was important.  Shadow got to stay home, and Clyde was buckled in.  He had his food there awaiting our arrival a day later.

So far that service seems good.  I was on for several hours after the (poor) guy left.  I get 10 Gs a month, and all the time I was on didn't even use 1 G.  Hopefully it will support the mob that will be there Thanksgiving.

I say "poor guy" because we are so far away from his home.  The company is around Waco (general area).  After he left us, he had to go to Abilene.  He left our place after 3.  He must work LONG days.

So perhaps with my servers in place, and the modification to my laptop (paper over the built in mouse) I may be around more.


Sally said...

Glad to hear it's fixed for you! :)

It will be nice seeing you more.


I still hate my internet..bastids..I pay more for a 3mg..and its still slower than hell...feck.

Marti said...

I'm glad he was able to improve things. Do you have to pay extra to get a service guy to come out? I have begged our provider to have someone come find out why we can't get wireless in the house and they always want to work with us over the phone. Soooo annoying.