Monday, September 28, 2015

This and that and pictures

Here I sit waiting for the repairman of the lemon dishwasher.  I am really hoping he DOESN'T have the controller is able to fix it.  I don't like it.  It won't hold all the dishes I want it to hold, and from reading various reviews, it will break again.  And we will begin all this over again.  I want this thing gone.

But to more fun things.  This past week was our high school's homecoming.  Katie was kept busy with all the different "days" they had as spirit days. 

Saturday was the dance, but the water polo team had two games.  The coach managed to get them at 12 and 12:40 so they could get back home to primp.  Those were some tired girls however.  The whole team didn't show, so they only had one sub.  Basically they were all in the water an hour and a half or more playing really strenuous games.

This is their "float" for the homecoming parade.  Katie is second from left.  Her first homecoming parade.
The girls (and Som Choi) getting ready to leave.  Don't know what the hands represent, but the girl sitting graduated last year, and did their hair this year.  (Strange homecoming - only present students attend)

Just for good measure, this is my 11 year old grandson.  Yes, he IS a big boy - probably the biggest on the field.  He is playing the sport HE like - not the baseball his dad pushes,.  

The other four grands, while each being cute as can be didn't have something special going on.  The youngest girl has a birthday/birthday party next week.  Sooooooo.


Judy said...

Grand son looks more like a football player anyway!
Grand Daughter is gor-gee-us!!!

Sally said...

Katie is such a beautiful girl. Love her dress!

Grandson is very handsome, and like Judy I think he looks fit
for football. ;)