Wednesday, May 13, 2015

San Francisco/Bay Area travelog part 2

Beginning to climb just out of Denver  You can see the front of the train going up hill.

Being a South Texas girl, I am still fascinated by snow!!

Higher and higher into the Rockies

The beautiful canyons of the Colorado River
Donner Pass

From above Berkeley

Our chariot around SF - especially to the Golden Gate and Saucelito area

Didn't go in -   but the Palace of Fine Arts built on the site of a World's Fair.  These columns were part of one of the exhibits I believe and were re-purposed here. 

As if you don't know!!!
and again!  Katie told me she bicycled this when they were there, and it was a little scary!

And so brings part two to an end.  Somehow a really neat picture got deleted from this group and I will put it in with the next ones.  Either Blogger,  my computer or my album didn't want to add anymore for today.  So there will be a part three.



did you go to Haight Ashbury?

Sally said...

Wow - you saw some beautiful places. And, Katie biked that bridge? Good heavens. :)

LOVE the photos.


MartiDIY said...

I didn't know about the museum. Looks interesting from the outside. And I love your train trip. I love snow too, but if I had to live with it, I might change my mind. Does the recent Amtrac wreck make you cautious about future train trips?