Monday, May 11, 2015

San Francisco travelog - part 1

We left Houston and flew to Denver.  Seems like a strange way to California, right?  Well it is, but the TRAIN we wanted to take - the California Zephyr - goes from Chicago to Emeryville - which is just south of Berkeley.  We were going to stay in Berkeley.

The flight was ok, but, as usual TSA was a bit of a pain.  The airlines clearly states that any medical equipment, prescribed by a physician, does not count against your carry on.  The first TSA agent told me I couldn't have my purse, small carry on bag AND my CPAP.  I tried to tell her what it was, but she was getting upset with me.  G, who like me doesn't want to admit he is hearing deficient, was talking in my other ear. So I gave up on my point and just "handed" him the CPAP.  There are things I always carry on:  meds, a change of underwear, toiletries, and perhaps a computer.That was all in a small carry on. 

Anyway I made it through the body scanner with it going off because of my titanium knees and  also the beads (????) on my blouse. But no pat down. Never had one in Houston! Ate l unch at the airport - good salad! Waited on the plane.

Now flying with old seasoned traveler, I ask if he wanted to play the handicapped card to pre-board.  I have a placard.  We  used it when Katie, Krissi, and I went to Riverside, California for water polo.  He said that since we were first class, he didn't see the need.  (since we fly less than once a year - we splurge!)  Well - the people began lining up in boarding group one.  There must have been 50 people.  Guess who was at the very END of the line!    t's pre- boarding for me from now on!

Got to Denver and slept poorly.  Time change (ahead an hour) and no clocks in the room had the correct time.  Our train was an early one the next morning.  But all was well.  Made the train in plenty of time - $22 poorer for the cab.

So I am going to jump two days ahead here to show you what was awaiting us in Berkeley:
The living room of the Berkeley bungalow we rented for the week.
Also the living rook



Dining arrea

Sitting area in dining

View from dining/den

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 1

View from bedroom one

also view from bedroom one

Hollywood style bath - toilet tucked away at left.  Pocket doors were a pain however

utility room off bath

second bedroon

second bedroom

second bedroom - the  house was set up in a circle - the living room is to the left

garden around the front porch

the landing for the second floor where one of the owners lives and the garden again!

roses as big as salad plates

climbing miniature roses acoss the front gate and fence

We really stayed in a spa like setting.  It was great.  When we went to SF we took BART.  But I am getting ahead of myself.  See you later with part 2!  So be forewarned.`


Jeanette said...

Looks like a nice place!!


nice digs

Sally said...

Beautiful place to stay, and I am in awe of the roses! :)

Looking forward to next installment, and welcome home!


Marti said...

What a nice house! Is the BART nearby? I much prefer it to anything else in SF if you are in a hurry to get somewhere. How long does it take to get to SF from Berkeley?