Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Home again, home again and all that jazz

And back to Physical Therapy, mammograms, eye appointments and other various doctor appointments!

We had a great time, and I do have pictures to share - when I have time to download them to cull.  The sights on the train were absolutely fantastic.  The Rockies and Sierras were breath taking.

We spent two days in San Francisco utilizing a "hop on, hob off" tour bus.  Saw the Golden Gate on both days, Saucelito twice and the beautiful Muir Woods.  We found a park above Berkeley (where we stayed in a fantastic bungalow) that had breath taking views.  Drove Highway 1 (the coastal highway), and went to a National Park - the Pinnacles that was so inspiring.

Of course there were downsides to it all.  Looking for elevators in the BART stations.   I have just enough vertigo that I am afraid of escalators - so it was stairs much of the time.  I know I really irritated those commuters who were in a big hurry.
The last leg of the train trip back to Denver wasn't great (still pretty good though).  I AM an advocate for good treatment of the handicapped.  I am pretty close to being one.  But an intellectual handicapped woman got on the train in Salt Lake City - which was in the middle of the night.  She  probably has a minimal physical handicap - clearly no worse than mine.  I will talk about her later.

This is it for today.  Had the mammogram this morning, and this afternoon is my eye injection.  So if the computers and modem decide to be nice and cooperate unlike yesterday afternoon, I will be back at some point tomorrow.

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welcome home..it is really beautiful up there..glad you had a great time.