Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Checking in

Still here with the limited internet capability.  Hence - no pictures for all this time.

We are west of the Austin/Blanco/Wimberly areas.  We have had strong storms, but we are on such a high hill that if we even get close to flooding at the house, we all had best look for the ark.  Now we may not be able to leave the area if it were to get really bad because we have so many low water crossings between us and civilization.

My stress level is about 200%.  The storms have been strong, often with vicious lightening bolts.  I worry about losing power.  We are all electric here.  I worry about Clyde having to go out when it is pouring.  Or being taken out and NOT doing his business when we know he needs to - but he is a delicate little 75 pound thing that doesn't want to get his paws wet!

Monday Jersey Village/Houston got hammered.  JV has a history of flooding, and while we have yet to flood (knock on wood), I still worry.  It came up to the house on the street behind us the last time it flooded.  Our rental house has flooded, and I worried about our tenants.  I am not sure they still have our phone number here.  Krissi was telling me her car almost flooded being in front of her house - and it drains rapidly there, but not that night.

To top it all off, Katie and her dad were flying in to Houston as the storm was settled in there.  They had to end up landing in Austin, and after a couple of hours on the plane they were allowed off.  They ended up staying in a hotel for the remainder of the night.  Relief because Krissi was to have go to pick them up at the airport.  She couldn't get out from the reports I was getting via internet here.  I have just about used all my data on my phone!

Hopefully we will be going home tomorrow, but I am worried about that.  Right now Austin is getting hit with a severe storm - again.   The community (Cypress) just to our north at home got hammered with bad flooding this morning between 6 and 10.  




we're getting out ass kicked, but not as bad as Dallas and Houston are..we had about 2 inches last night and 3 weekends ago had 6 inches in 2 days..lost electricity twice..and we're getting more.

Sally said...

I'm so sorry for all that, heavens.

Be safe on the way home.


Judy said...

Worried about all you Texans! Guess the drought is over?

MartiDIY said...

There is nothing worse than wanting to be somewhere and knowing you can't get there. Will your neighbors call you if there is anything serious? I heard on the news last night that this weekend will be the end of the rain for a long time. But they also said that we wouldn't get rain today and at noon, it was back in the forecast for this evening. I swear I have webs growing between my toes.