Sunday, May 10, 2015


That's my internet connection.  For the last four days, it has only worked properly if the moon and stars were perfectly aligned, I held my mouth just right, and mostly in the afternoons - sometimes.

I know there are those who could ascertain the problem in a couple of seconds and fix it, but not me.  I have been refraining from calling ATT because I know the first step, and the one I considered myself, was to unplug the danged thing.

I have spent the time that I couldn't be on the internet trying to reload the million of so embroidery designs to this computer.  I worked on some on the train (even when I was on the one without wi-fi.  All I needed was the external hard drive and I was using my baby laptop (it is about 5 includes wide).  The external hard drive was seeming to be really wonky so I wanted to get them onto this one where I have paid for a Cloud account.  So after a couple of days, my valued designs are safe living in the cloud.

I still haven't downloaded the pictures.  I really have to do that while this feeble brain recalls what things are!  I also want to have them made into a book again.  I think this time, rather than Snapfish, I will use Costco.  Snapfish did a beautiful job, but I want to see what Costco can do.

I did the book on Alaska.  By the time I was finished I probably spent $100 and it took me hours.  It is a big, bulky scrapbook.  The one of the trip to Seattle and Glacier was from Snapfish and it is really nice (and neat!!).

My children have finally decided what we are doing tonight for Mother's Day.  There is some animosity growing there between daughter and DIL.  I know one reason it that Katie didn't get her birthday present from DIL until G's birthday April 23.  Her birthday is January 16.  And DIL has never liked SIL.  Of course SIL doesn't like DIL either.  FAMILIES!!  Just glad I get to see my son tonight.

Happy Mother's Day to you all.

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