Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Travelogue days 3,4

The second half of the Trace was really beautiful.  The difference between the ecosystems from the beginning - swamp to the end - deciduous forest on uplifts was fantastic.  I loved getting into Tennessee.

We have been to Tennessee before, but I had forgotten a lot.  I didn't realize how mountainous it is.  That is probably because when we came in off the Trace - we were on mountain tops.

We maneuvered through Nashville well, got to Crossroads.  We have stayed in the same chain for three of the four nights.  Last night was the worst.  Don't get me wrong - not terrible.  It just didn't measure up.  It was an older property.

When we got in the room - we realized that the room darkening drapes did just that!  We couldn't see a thing.  I felt like we were in a cave.  After being there for a bit - the room was COLD!.  That is really something for me to admit.  I like cold rooms - especially for sleeping!  Hang meat = wonderful sleep.

We seem to have the luck of the draw with views however.  We love Chicago.  The first two times, we stayed at the same hotel and we had a nice view - street, NBC building, etc.  The last time - we were on the air shaft.  Not so nice,

This hotel last night - we overlooked a roof.  Just another wonderful view to add to our list.

Tonight we have a great view.  We are on the court yard.  The down side is that we are on the first floor - so no open window covering.  Oh - in Raleigh.

We got here at 5:30 - 6.  TRAFFIC!!!  Almost as bad as Swampland.

Short trip tomorrow.

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