Monday, October 22, 2012

Completing the trip in a whirl

This is partially because I have forgotten a lot of the trip.  Sensory overload and all!!

During the days we spent in Kill Devils Hill, we went to Cape Hatteras.  G wanted to see the light house.  Guess what - it was closed for the season.  This is not a cause for distress however.  There is no way in h*ll he would be climbing a light house that is the equivalent of a twelve story building.  And you know I didn't even begin to envision that!  I was amused by the warnings in the park paper however.  Eat before you go (why - makes the vomit more exciting), and take water because there is none available and the light house is dank and dark.

That was an interesting trip.  The road work there was to keep the dunes from covering the road.  And they were about to!!

Next day we went to the Wright Memorial.  The park was right across the street from our hotel.  I thought we would just drive through.  Silly me!!  Why no - we did drive around the memorial itself.  I got a picture that isn't as good as I wanted.  They had kites flying in front of the memorial.  Now these weren't the little balsa wood things that I had as a kid.  These were huge!!  One was a boat being chased by three or four sharks.  Another was a huge crab - that didn't fly really well.  I was far more interested in those kites.

Anyway - we got out at the museum.  I let G tour, and I went back outside to watch - what else - the kites.  Then I read the brochure about the grounds.  I saw the places where they flew the plane, and how each trial went further and further.  It was neat.

That afternoon we went to where the first colony was.  Raleigh's colony I believe.  Anyway it is where the first child was born on American soil.  Of course, this settlement disappeared.  No trace at all.

We then set out for Charleston where I was to meet Judy.  It was a wonderful visit with her.  The next morning we drove around historic Charleston.  Beautiful.

It was on to Savannah.  We left the freeway exactly where G wanted to do one tour.  I tried to get him to do the tour then, but...   Well, let's just say like usual, I didn't get listened to.  We got fairly lost - again because I wasn't listened to -  trying to find the hotel.  We were in the historic section.  The next morning we went to the 8th Air Force museum because his dad was in that.  Nice museum.  The film presentation was very moving.

The next day it was the trolley tour of the historic area.  I really enjoyed that.  It looked like the railroad museum (where we were on that first day) looked to be close to the hotel, so I suggested he ride the trolley there and just walk back to the hotel.  I got off across the street.  It wasn't close!

Then on to Mobile for the night, and early the next morning home - for the night,

The next morning off to San Antonio for his 50th high school reunion.  All in all, that was good fun - even if the only other person I knew there was his cousin.  The other two had already passed.

And now I have had one night at home, and will be here tonight.  Then it's the SSB.  Ok.


JuJu said...

I'm tired just reading your blog! You need six months to rest up just from this trip alone!!

It was so nice to get to meet you and hear about your trip first hand. I so appreciate that you stopped in Charleston and spent the evening with me. It was a treat!!

Get some rest!


yeah, i see a nap coming on for you.