Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Over the past weekend

Our Women's Group at church decided we would provide the "goodies" to go with the ever-present Lutheran coffee for church on the fifth Sundays.  And last Sunday was one of those days.  Since the fact of that cropped up BETWEEN monthly meetings, we scrambled.  In place of "we" read "I" scrambled.  And, of course, as happens when something is going on with the group - I was out of town.

So I started with the emails.  And then all hell tried to break loose.  And what a story.

I have written about our Pastor before.  Really he is generally a great guy, but I really believe the fact that he is a 30 something bachelor does hamper his "pastoring" a bit.  Sometimes he doesn't realize the pressures of family, and he really doesn't understand women.  I don't know if he would understand us any better if he were in a relationship with one of us or not, but I do think it would force a different level of maturity on him.

We have a family of women (mother and two daughters) with whom I am very close.  For some reason, perhaps because they are strong, strong women, P doesn't like them.  It is so obvious in the manner in which he treats them (the ones that were in the chair thing) .  So this is a bit of history that is important here.  They elected to take the month of September off.  They needed to get their house (another story) ready to sell, and living with her parents, they were cleaning up that house too.

SO - when my last email went out to all the women, S said they would cut the trip short.  They planned to take her parents to Orange, Texas so her mom could place flowers on graves there.  They would bring treats and clean up after all services were over because they had been scheduled to usher and no one would change with them.

One of our wing-nut members wrote an email (reply to ALL) that SHE would be happy to take S's place.  She had tried and tried to talk her out of changing her plans, and she would be delighted to take over since it was her daughter's birthday (?????) and it would be a way of honoring her 8 year old daughter on her birthday (??????).  As I said - wing-nut.

So S replied (to ALL) that wing-nut was so sweet, but WN had not contacted S even once.  The only time S knew of this offer was through the one email to the group.

In the meantime, P began putting emails out with the procedure to follow to change the scheduled service duties.  S, in the same email, informed him she TRIED to contact Pastor-Sister.  There was no help coming forth.

He emailed that she should go ahead, he had found a family, and then he saw Wing Nut had put her two cents worth in.  So he again went through the procedure.

There were about six emails flying about this day.  Daughter (who is on the Board of Elders) complained to Pastor about the emails.  She said they should only involve the individuals.

So I thought everything was settled.  Sunday apparently went off without a hitch.  I was gone after Sunday School.

That was until Monday morning.  When I opened my email, there was one (to the group) from Wing Nut once again saying that there was no worry, she would take all the duties "for Sunday."  I guess she is so clue less that she doesn't realize that emails are time stamped - date and time.  The stamp on hers was October 1, 8:35 am.  Geesh!!!!!!!


JuJu said...

Too many chiefs, not enough Indians?


wow..lot of stuff to go thru being a Christian.