Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I feel like I have a new career

I really feel like I am now a meteorologist!  It seems that the weather has become the only topic I write about.  Boring.

But here I go again.  Lamenting the fact that the rain chances that we had last week - at one point a 50% chance - dwindled away to  nothing (well a FEW scattered showers) that left us dryer than before  because of the winds from Lee.  Great.

We have major wild fires in the state.  As of just a few minutes ago, one that has been burning for three or so days is zero controlled.  That is really scary.  It is not a concentrated population area, and there have been 600 homes lost.  And still the rain chances for the remaining part of the week - zero.

I just looked at my stats when signing on - next week I will hit 1000 posts.  All boring, but wow.  That's a lot.

To get to thinking about other things - Lady Bug is going into a year around swim program and meets.  She has made the Silver classification which is a little more advanced.  I think that is so great.  She only began swim team summer before this.  She didn't know how to swim then.  She wore the floaties in the pool - now she is a silver swimmer.  She is so excited.

I got into making the baptismal blankets yesterday.  Wouldn't you know - the first one botched up.  My fault though.  Instead of trying something new on a scrap - as I should have - I thought I was just too smart for that.  I ended up with the blanket bunched in the middle of the design.  Those babies (the blankets, not the baptised) take me about two hours or more to complete.  This will be a loooooong project!

I finished Doodle Bug's dress that matches her sisters, and I have about half of another set for their cousin - Little Bit.  I don't know if DIL will like it or not.  She likes to take her business outside of the family.  Instead of perhaps paying for the fabric and throwing in a bit, she goes to another business and pays them $30 for the dresses.  So be it!

It is almost time for me to head back and chain myself to the machines again.  I moved the furniture around on Saturday, and I paid for that yesterday.  I am so out of shape!  I was so sore.  I got a little concerned when my back had a few twinges.  It would have been so easy to get back into those bottles of pills, but all I have to do is remember the three week withdrawal.

I go to Dr Death on Thursday.  I forgot to get the blood work done last week, and since it needs to be fasting (again) I made an appointment.  The only morning appointment I could get was tomorrow.  I know he will not have the results.  The only result I am interested in is the breast cancer marked (CA 27.29).  I am going to tell him about the pains I am having.  I think I have nerve damage from all the surgeries, but the little nagging fear is that I have the cancer spreading to the ribs.  Perhaps he will order a CAT.  Don't know.  We'll see.



Jeanette said...

Oh my gosh things are getting dire for you guys. I hope you get some rain down there soon! Congratulations to your little Lady Bug!

JuJu said...

Silver Swimmer, fantastic! Do you enjoy going to the meets?

I sincerely hope when you go on Thursday that you will get the all clear. I know you are on pins and needles just thinking about it all.


Marti said...

I always tell myself that pain usually means no cancer, but I know that nagging worry won't go away until you get the all clear.

Those fires are something. My heart breaks for the lives lost and all the homes consumed. It's really scary that the firefighters haven't been able to contain them. We've had a few around here too. I was going to go work in the garden this morning but there was too much smoke.

I've done that with my embroidery machine too, and messed up a perfectly good item. I hope the rest go smoothly for you.

Judy said...

The destruction is horrible. Fire is so strong and wild--it feeds on itself and just grows and grows. Such a bad summer for weather. Hope all is well tomorrow--I don't think pain equals cancer.