Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Another hot, dry day.  That means staying in the house, which doesn't really bother me, but it is driving G insane.  That, in turn, is driving me insane.  He begins his tirade on global warming again and again.  He is so irritable about the whole thing.  He insists that he is  not staying here in the heat and dryness next summer.  That is really stupid.  I don't know where or what he is thinking about doing, but it is stupid.  Plain and simple.

Last night I had about enough of it, so I asked why he is getting so upset about it.  Really.  It doesn't make sense to rail and rant about something if you cannot really do something about it.  I have too many other things that I CAN do something about.

I agree that there is climate change.  It is obvious.  I try to explain that some possibly be a natural cycle in nature - which I really believe.  I also know humans are just about to put the final insult on our world.  But ranting and raving about it, threatening to spend thousands of dollars to live someplace else for several months to get away from the heat ...   It would really be funny if he follows through on that and ends up where heat follows - or gets into flooding conditions.  Stupid.

Enough of things that smack of politics.  I don't do that here.  I try to stay away from politics and religion.  Sometimes things sneak in, but that isn't what I focus on.  I get enough around here.

Simone is still restless at night.  That means she is banging and scraping furniture in the bedroom.  Either that or she is trying to get into her crate which is an impossibility.  I am trying to give her more and more time without the e-collar.  She is pretty good about not attacking her stitches, but I have to put it back on if there is a chance I might not be really watching her.

Last night, I decided that I would put the antibiotic ointment on the stitches.  She doesn't like to roll over - at least right now.  G gets upset with her, and the other night he said he wished I would do the ointment.  So I did last night.

I had her in the bedroom with me.  I got on the floor with her and made her roll over.  I was able to get a lot of ointment on her.  Then it came time for me to get up.  I realized I had made a crucial  mistake.  My ortho guy has told me not to kneel.  He fears titanium pressing on the floor with the thin little knee cap between.  Well, there I was.

After about 10 minutes my solution finally came to me.  Thank goodness we had the attic taken in several years ago when the kids were teens (to get them and their teenage messes out of the way).  I had made the mistake at that time to put the stairs in the closet space that was in the hallway - just outside the master bedroom door.  I had always  disliked that placement - after it was too late.  Last night I was delighted with that placement.  I scooted out the door and pulled myself up the steps until I could stand.

Yesterday afternoon I went to work on more of the baptismal blankets.  My machine HAD been working like a dream.  Note the operative word there - had.  I completed the shell which is so very stitch intensive.  I moved onto the date.  That's when all hell broke loose.  The thread formed a huge "bird's nest" on the back side, ripped the stabilizer, and stretched the blanket.  The machine and I fought for at least an hour.  I came back down to cool off.  I was about to pitch that machine out the window and say good riddance.  Anyway - after I went back, there were still some problems, but I completed the blanket.  It isn't perfect, but by that time there was way too much invested to just throw it away.  (I guess I need to serve you some cheese after that whine!)  I only have (ONLY???) five more to go, and then I am free for a while.

So this is the excitement in my life.  A grumpy husband, a sly dog, and terrible weather and fights with my sewing machine.  Sigh.



Jeanette said...

You guys sure have had your share of heat this summer! My husband grumps about stuff that you can't change all the time, too! Like that it's getting darker earlier now! Oh well, I just ignore him!

JuJu said...

Girl, if it doesn't rain soon, something or someone is going to blow. It might be you, it might be G, it could be Simone, the sewing machine, or even your kitty. You all NEED SOME RAIN.

Judy said...

I'm scared to get down on the floor because I know, I'd never be able to get up. I hate how age and replacement joints have brought all these restrictions.


our high here this summer was a 110..tell him when it gets hotter than that/? he can bitch