Saturday, March 26, 2011

Surprise - it's me on Saturday!

I know I don't usually post on Saturday, but it's such a nice day I need to stop to let my lunch digest a bit before continuing my chores. When I was working, I had to do all my chores on Saturday. I've been retired 10 years, and I still do them on Saturday. Such a creature of habit - or is it my absolute hatred for chores? I'm putting my money on the second. There are always a chance I'll get a good invitation and I am off.

I just had to post this amazing thing happening. I was so worried about G retiring. So far, knock on wood or whatever brings luck to make this statement true and last forever, everything is going well. G has a terrible temper, and not much impulse control. He has been really pleasant to be around. This is the best yet.

Right now he is tackling our garage. Now our garage is/was an absolute mess. He wants to blame it all on me, but it is not my mess. I have confessed to being a bit of a horder. I know, because it has happened over and over, as soon as I decide something isn't needed - the very next day I really could use it instead of perking the economy. When you teach science and craft - well either you know what I am saying, or you don't.

But this garage - now that is another matter. I may have put some things in there - in relatively safe places that I wanted. As they are coming out now, they are garbage. When the kids would move out and back home and out and back home (phew!), some of their stuff would stay here "until they can come get it - we just don't have room for it right now." It had remained.

When we would get something out like my craft show tables, drink coolers, etc, and G returned them, he would just throw whatever in the middle. When he found that B didn't need this shelf that had been for advertising something, G proudly put smack in the middle of the floor. He has been having everything else join those shelves. Now I am not saying that I don't like that display unit. It does hold stuff. It's just it would be much better on the side of the garage.

When he would begin this pre-retirement, I would always have something else for us to do. I put myself in the bedroom - it's a mess too with the dog kennel "right in the middle." It also has my stationary recumbent bike. It had to be shoveled out. When I started with all my surgeries, things didn't get put away properly. My fault - no one else's (for the most part).

Today is going well. If he finds the things that are mine, and so far there have been three baskets for plants that have gone to the other side - he puts them on a table that I marked to get rid of and asks me if I want them. His mood is pretty much ok. Who knew?

So obviously we are having another nice (hot) day. It would be nicer if it were raining since we need it so bad, but it is pretty with all the plants enjoying the weather before the high 90's and low 100's begin with 99% humidly. So all in all it's good.

I hope pleasant weather comes into your neck of the woods soon. It has been a bear for part of the U.S. so far.

Peace be with you.


Cheyenne said...

Maybe the job your husband had made him crabby. Now that he is home and in command of his time he is in a better frame of mind. I was never happier than the day I no longer had to work. I looked forward to that day all my life. I would never go back to work.

Jeanette said...

I thinbk when I retire and my time is finally my own I will be less crabby too. At least I HOPE so! It's always nice to get things cleaned out and organized.

Marti said...

Sounds like retirement really agrees with him. What a bonus for both of you.

Judy said...

He is in control of his own Kingdom--what could make him any happier?

Glad all is going well.