Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Shouldn't be here

OK - here's the scene as I know it right now. The house is put on the market priced far above its real value. A buyer comes in and buys it ( and that results in the rest of the houses in the area to have their values for taxes rise!). He appears to be an older gentleman, and the gossip around the area says he paid cash. The house was paid for in cash - no mortgage. Gossip says he lives in the north (Michigan ?), but his father lives in the neighborhood and he wants to have a place to stay when he is here.

That's all well and good, but he wasn't here but a bit after buying the house. He moved a young Mexican lady along with her two children (one about 12 at the time and the other 4) into the house. She is the one there most of the time - except when she returns to Mexico. Some question about the relationship there. Someone said she was the housekeeper. Hmmm.

That was four years ago. Come to the present. The lady has had ICE problems, as well as child services called. When she returns to Mexico, the children often don't accompany her. Last year they were celebrating someone's birthday. Some of the neighbor kiddos were in attendance. OK - swim party, fun. Yes, until it was time to begin to prepare the meal. The menu called for cabrito. A good Mexican specialty food. It is a barbequed kid - no, a baby goat. Did they buy it at a carneceria? Perhaps, but it was alive when is was brought home. The kids - uh, children - at the party got to witness the goat being hauled up on the basket ball goal to have its neck slid. Yeah, that went over really well with the visitors.

Most recently, there were a lot of people over one evening. The lady had a brand new SUV - a gift for passing her citizenship. The people there were removing the padding from the seats, and replacing it with unknown (to others) substances. They then went to Mexico. That fancy SUV hasn't been seen since.

Now it is thought they have seven new people living in that house. Children have been enrolled in school. Who knows what this is all about.

So where is this house? In a barrio? In a low income area? Nope - ladies and gentlemen, it is the house catty-corner to me. It is next door to a woman with two small daughters.

Hopefully we can find something to do about them. If the house was being used as was said when it was bought - no problem. They take wonderful care of the yard and exterior. If it was the 3-4 people there. If, if, if. But it's not any of that. The police have watched that house I have been told. Guess it will make a good crime drama, but I just hope we aren't home with the bullets start flying or the cartel makes an appearance.

Peace be with us all!


Jeanette said...

Sounds like some real winners of neighbors you have there. The deal with the baby goat is discusting! Hope you can do something about them!

Marti said...

They had a story similar to yours on our local news last week. Drug cartels pick a house in a nice neighborhood, keep it up, put someone in it to look legit, and grow marijuana in it. I'll see if I can find the story. If that is what is going on in the house across from you, the police could check the electricity bills and figure it out.

Marti said...

Here's the story

and I found this story too while looking for it

And they jacked with the electric meter so the bill wouldn't raise suspicions.

Susan Adcox said...

It definitely sounds as if there are suspicious characters in charge of that house. But the story about the goat doesn't sound believable. Cabrito takes a couple of hours to cook. Why would they wait until the party had begun to slaughter the goat? Traditionally the animal is killed early in the morning to allow time for butchering, preparing and cooking the meat.

Judy said...

The whole thing makes me ill.

Cheyenne said...

Yikes! Go hunt down Rango and see if he can come and help you. Yeah, that Rango...the one in the movie with Johnny Depp's voice.