Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I have gotten myself over my snit. It's just that I really strongly dislike jokes that are at the expense of someone else. That covers a great deal of the area doesn't it.

Things around here are calm. My body is trying to accept yet another change in timing. I am used to the hustle bustle of packing up and heading to the SSB. Silly how one can get so adjusted to that type of schedule, but I have. Instead of every two weeks, or twice per month, we are going only once, but stay for 7-10 days.

My body isn't regulated there either! Come Sunday, I begin feeling like I have to start the laundry and mop the floors. Since neither of those is on my "Top Ten List," I don't relish that feeling. It is good though when I realize I have at least a couple of days, but that laundry building up tries to get its little jab in!

All the children are wonderfully well. That is saying something for five kiddos. That rarely happens, and it is really joyful when it happens. The youngest two are really getting their personalities. Little Bit seems to be a very happy baby - she smiles so readily which is her usual practically since birth. I have seen her pitch an absolute fit though. That's my grandchildren - all of them are so even tempered (NOT).

I have been working on the cutest blocks made from cocktail napkins. There is a letter with something that begins with that letter machine embroidered onto the center. The "pattern" called for a ribbon to hold the six pieces together. Whoever made those first must not know the babies those blocks are intended for. I stitched them together, and then put the ribbon.

I don't know if my spacial brain is on vacation or what, but I cannot get a single ribbon to go through the little spaces around the edge of those napkins. I don't think a single ribbon could possibly be used, so I do what I can. for the demo ones, I am using a fabric glue. My previous partner said you could build the Eiffel Tower with the stuff, and I concur.

So today is a slow day. We were going to the plant nursery, but the weather is a little miserable to be out in it. I know, I am hiding indoors because it is high 60's and cloudy. I'll admit it - I am a coward. But then, that's why I live here. Besides that, all the joints in my body that have even a bit of arthritis is screaming today.

I do wish Spring would come to you living in the places where snow is still on the ground and the temperatures are so low. I do not envy you one little bit.

Peace be with you.


Jeanette said...
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Jeanette said...

You know of course those of us in the north are laughing at you not wanting to go out in weather that is in the high 60's! That would be a heat wave for us right now! Thanks for the warm weather wishes, though. We're getting there slowly but surely! Have a good week!!


sigh*..we went from 94(record high for the day) and 50 in less than 5 hours..Texas..gotta love it.

Cheyenne said...

We are in the midst of one storm and another is coming Thursday and that is supposed to bring snow with it. I am so drained from this weather already.

Judy said...

Man--60's? I would be out and about with just a t-shirt and no coat. You are such a big sissy, K.