Thursday, April 05, 2007

Today was my bi monthly appointment with the oncologist. Two weeks ago, I made it for 8:30 because when it was 9:45 I didn’t get out of there until almost noon. Well . . . I didn’t get to see him until 9:30. I know there was a wreck on the freeway that brings him to that office, but . . .

It was a good appointment however. He is amazed that I am tolerating the chemo so well. He says that I am an easy patient.

The best news is that, even though there will be another round of four doses of chemo, after I complete this there will be no radiation. We will move straight to the pills. I have a good chance of beating this thing all together.

I reminded him of the Chicago trip, and he was fine with it. That’s good since it is paid for.

We are off the SSB for Easter. It looks like it will be placed in the usual family Easter there. When we were all together there three years ago, there were terrible thunder storms and flooding rains. This year it looks like freezing weather with snow/sleet.

Easter egg hunt anyone?

Have a great Easter or weekend - whichever you celebrate. I’ll be back with you on Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

I have had my own issues with waiting to see my oncologist. My first appointment was sometime in the late morning and 30 minutes into my wait I asked how much longer. It seems that there were atleast three people ahead of me and I told the girl that I would be leaving. She was rather shocked and I said that unless the doctor had an emergency, there was no reason for the lengthy delay. Since I live 15 minutes away, I alway call first and ask just how back logged he is because I hate waiting in the waiting room, especially when they don't validate parking. I have to see this guy sooner than later because I am not enjoying the meds that I'm on and I seem to not have as thick of bones as I thought. Have a nice weekend and Happy Easter.