Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Marching to a different drummer

I sometimes think I must be the one who marches to a different drummer. I really do try to keep a positive attitude, but there is always someone who comes along and bashes it all to hell.
Yesterday, I ventured out to the big box store of W*lmrt. That takes quite a bit of courage on my part. I go there knowing that someone will put a crimp into my day. But we are going to Chicago for a week at the end of the month, and I needed clothes for the trip! My last expedition for clothes was last year when we went to D*sneyland for a week. Since I do not know what this chemo will do to my body, I didn’t want to spend a fortune on clothing, even if it is Chicago!

I had completed my shopping and headed for the checkout line. I couldn’t remember how many items I bought, so I didn’t go to the 20 or less line because I hate people who do that. K called my while I was in the longer line, and I was leaning against the closed line beside me, talking to her, while I waited for the three in front of me checked out.

A little old lady about 85 was fitting around behind me, still mulling over the last minute purchases that line the checkout lanes. When I looked up, she asked me if I were in line. No, I just like loitering around at the checkout lines in that store. When I replied that I was in line, she grunted in disgust, and was obviously miffed that I was in line. I guess she thought she should be able to precede me or something.

With that, she took her 25 cartons of jello, 3 bags of hamburger patties, and who know what else, found something else in the merchandise at the lane, and put herself into the 20 or less line.
I was miffed as well as amused. Please deliver me from that kind of attitude! I try to be understanding of those 80+. I have dealt with them, am dealing with them (G’s parents), and if the Lord desires, I’ll be one.

Today, I had the experience of taking one of the cable boxes back to exchange it. I had hoped either K or S would volunteer, but no such luck.

When I got there, there was already a line. There were probably about ten people in front of me, and I almost left. But gasoline is too expensive, and that trip was one that was not to be combined with any other errand, so I was committed to staying.

So my question to myself is why would someone go to this "outlet" if they wanted new service or change their service. It can be done by the telephone. When I got there, one representative was tied up with a couple who wanted to initiate new service, but they couldn’t decide what they wanted. Another representative was tied up with someone who I thought was paying a bill, but I still don’t know what they were doing. They, too, were there for the entire 45 minutes I stood in line.

That left one open for those of us who merely needed to exchange equipment, That was until, alas, another wanted to change service. That brought the entire process to a grinding halt.

The trip that I expected to require 15 minutes tops ended up taking 50 minutes.

I guess I must be the one who is out of step!

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flying eagle woman said...

oh how i hug you sister!!! i hope your trip goes better than expected and i'm so glad you shared about the 80+ lady because that happens to me often, i thought it was a prejudice thing, maybe it's just an age thing? deliver ME from prejudging!

i don't know you but i feel that i love you, so here ya go with some big warm hugs from this ndnmama!