Thursday, March 30, 2017

Still Not Done

TJ was found dead December 30.  We still cannot close this incident.

G had to call the ex-husband last week because the storage place called him wondering what was going to be done about the rental on the unit for February and March.  Not our problem, but he called the ex.  Supposedly that has been taken care of.

They went on talking and Troy was talking about the problems his current wife is having.  She has had two heart attacks and is facing spinal disc fusion surgery.  This is a hard time for him.  Even after he and TJ divorced, I know he still cared for her a lot. It was a case of where love simply wasn't enough.  

Troy said that the internment of TJ ashes would probably not happen until next month.  Understood.  Other than closing this chapter, there certainly is no rush.  BUT - I wish he had simply said his wife needed his attention. Instead, he said Drew just wasn't ready.  

To use a common phrase: "I call bullsh*t on that."  That young man isn't broken up over this.  And I sincerely doubt that he is wearing the locket with her ashes.  I doubt he has had one made.  

A positive of his non-caring - at least it appears he hasn't been at "her" house in a while.  We don't go onto the property, but the last two times we have been to the SSB, there are no signs of life around the place.  I don't trust him, and I don't want him on our place.  It appears even the hunters haven't been there.  I know Doug WON'T go back because I think he would beat Drew to a pulp.  To my knowledge, Mike has been kicked off by Drew because he had the nerve to stand up to Drew about the animals.  There is another guy G met in January, I believe, but we haven't seen anything of him either.  Strange.

In the credit card mess.  I think I have finally taken care of all payments that are made via that card.  It hasn't been easy.  Yesterday I spent the better part of an hour trying to get one particular medical billing taken care of.  In the last 4 months, I have had a change in email (Earthlink dumped my free email - after only 25 years!!), my health insurance company changed, and my credit card changed.  That does a lot of changing on medical things!

But as for now, things seem to be moving along rather smoothly.  Katie has gotten her drivers' license.  All the others are doing well.  So I guess all is right in our world.


Judy said...

Discover Card is so good about that. I got a call asking if I had purchased gas in El Paso. I said I was in Michigan and had never been to El Paso. The closed out that card quickly. Good thing as I had a high credit amount available on that card.
Sorry for all the family stuff going on in your life. It is soooooooo tiring and neither one of you are responsible for any of it. Seems like other family members can handle their own "s***".


I know you will be glad when this is all said and done..chin up and tits out.

Marti said...

I just caught up on your life since Christmas, and all I can say is that I am sending you a virtual hug. As if losing TJ wasn't enough, the stress that this young man is putting on you is a tragedy.

But it was nice to read that your young granddaughter loves sewing. I hope she sticks with it and conntinues to enjoy it.

Marti said...

Hi K, I've been wondering how you fared through the hurricane. Hope everything is ok with you.

Grandma K said...

Marti - I was just thinking about you last night!! I was wondering about you also. I was dropped from Earthlink, so I wasn't getting your feeds there. They dropped me because my account was one of the first that Comcast offered waaayyyy back when. Of course, since they weren't my provider I wasn't about going pay, so the rest is history. That has been something to deal with because that was my main email. Since then I was gone to gmail. I don't think they will fold anytime soon.

We fared well. Our little city does have a bayou running through it, and the folks living along it and some outlying areas have flooded four times in the past. This storm had bands that were far enough apart (for FOUR DAYS) that the bayou could drain enough between each one that the level fell. I was tied to my phone and computer watching the level as well as the weather radar. So we made it through again without any water in our house and our rental house on the next street made it as well. It has flooded once before, but all it well here.

There is still some PTSD for me. Guess that sounds silly, but after such a tense time, and now lamenting friends who did flood (as well as our church - it had a foot in the sanctuary). But generally, all is well but still watching the Gulf with the little low and then there is IRMA!