Tuesday, March 07, 2017


Still in pretty much of a writing funk.  One day just melds into another without anything unusual happening.

I really don't quite understand why it has been decided to bury the "beautiful urn" that was bought for TJ's ashes.  Mine can go into the "free" wooden box we got when we arranged for our cremation.  What happens after that - I don't care.  I won't know and will be WAY beyond caring.  BUT "they" want to bury those ashes in the plot where a lot of the family is buried.  Of course,c there is a hitch.

I absolutely detest the company that manages this cemetery.  They handles - bungled really - my dad's funeral, and have given G's family grief about these plots they own.  And it continues.  Seems like BIL and G have to send NOTARIZED statements as remaining kin owning this site (and so was TJ, but I guess she no longer counts) that she can have her ashes put there.

We were supposed to trek to San Antonio the last weekend in February, but this has, obviously, been postponed.  The real kicker here is it is going to cost her estate over $900.  Just to put an urn in the ground!  There will be no funeral but the funeral director gets something like $600 of that.  I really, really detest this bunch of creeps. They are true vampires of the funeral business.
In October my cardio doc retired.  I seem to have a negative influence on my doctors (although I guess retirement is good). My ortho guy who replaced both knees died of a heart attack a few months after doing my knees.  I still need to find someone I like and trust to check them on a regular basis.  I haven't, and it's been several years.

I always thought I didn't need a cardio doc just to manage blood pressure.  So I finally found a PCP.  When I made the appointment for the highly suggested physical, the Nurse Practitioner was available, and I thought that would be perfectly fine.

All has gone well - until.  There's always an "until" isn't there.  I had signed a ream of requests for my records from the stable of physicians I have.  I have quite a regime of meds from the cardio doc, and I was doing really well.

When it came time for a refill on those, the NP wouldn't refill one the way I had been taking them.  I was told to - get ready for it - to go back to a cardio doc.  I wasn't supposed to be taking that amount of the med.  So now my BP is raging, and guess what - I have an appointment with a new CARDIO DOC.  Sheesh.   I surely miss my old doctors who have retired, died, and retired and then died!
And so it goes.  Just one excitement in my life after another.  And I still don't always have the urge to put it down "on paper,"  Perhaps one day ...



makes me appreciate Cujo.

Luna Crone said...

I've been told my Ins. wouldn't pay for "that" amount of medicine. Which is par for the course today. With insurance, telling doctors, what they CAN prescribe. :-(((((((

Which means, what Insurance will pay for.

Every year, my doc's office has to go through the submitting "Please May We" papers... So they can write for this med for me, 3 times a day. Which is the way, it was prescribed.

Hope you feel comfortable with your new cardio.

Annnnnd, if congress ever gets over having "hissy-fits", and gets rid of *Obama Care,* doctors can stop retiring early. BO Care is driving them, out.


And hugs...

Judy said...

It's getting so it seems, every other week is some snafu in my life that includes numerous phone calls. Doc don't communicate with each other, like they used to. Even in the doc's office the nurse tells me one thing, the doc another, the PA something different. That is why I "study" every condition I have, every prescription I take. The whole world seems to be in chaos lately.
BTW--my brother-in-law, my sister and I went to the family plot one day and buried Fred's ashes ourselves. My BIL did such a great job, after he put the grass back on top, you couldn't even tell it had been disturbed.