Saturday, March 18, 2017

It happened.

My Discover Card has been hacked.  I have had my card for over 20 years.  I have never been hacked.  And they did a fantastic job in one day.

I happened to look at an email alert on my phone.  It said there was unusual activity.  Discover is so good about tracking this nonsense, only tonight it surely wasn't nonsense.  With the first notice, there was already $1000 charged.  All in all the amount was closer to $2000.  I am going to sound like an as for Discover, but I will owe nothing on this.  Not. A. Dime.

The real problem here is now I have about 10 services that I have paid through that card.  This is going to be a monumental process.  I don't have the new card yet, but when I get it I will have to begin this process.  And of course - we WILL BE AT THE SSB.  (I need to have a blood draw - fasting, and Monday the earliest appointment is 11:45 - so I will change the entire appointment with Dr. Poison.  Not a convenient time to be gone at all)

I also think I know how my card was compromised.  We ordered a pizza in February.  That is the ONLY out of the normal charge I made.  A whopping $28 and some change.  We never charge these, but neither of us had cash.  I don't carry cash, and G was low not having gone to the bank recently.  Someone at that Pizza Hut scammed my card.  I so hope they get caught.

G said they waited a long time to use it.  Well - sure. I will bet this isn't the first time they have done this.  Waiting would mean there would be less of a chance that this would fall back on them.  But they were stupid in that they didn't leave this area.  The greater Houston area is LARGE.  Our neck of the woods is just a small area in comparison.

So I am feeling really unsettled.  My faith is people is trashed.  I know things like this happen.  It happened at a fine-dining restaurant several years ago.  G's card that was used to pay for the meal was compromised and at the same time, my daughter's card which was used to pay for drinks was too.  They were smart with G's.  They made small purchases at a Kroger.  BUT they were exactly the same amount minutes apart.  USAA was the card issuer and picked up on it immediately.  They called and canceled the card.

In a way, I have some sympathy for these people.  They missed out on a lot of life lessons.


Luna Crone said...

CRAP!!!!! That's the only word for it.

Glad cards are so careful, about noticing "funny things."

But what a messssss..... All the catch-up work you have to do, to let good places know, about the change in card, etc.

Repeat CRAP!

Another reason I don't like credit cards. -sigh- But what can you do, today's LIFE seems to run on plastic.

Another kink in the brave new world, we inhabit.

Plus, this harassment doesn't help health issues!!!

Sally said...

I really HATE that happened to you, Karen. We had an experience with Pizza Hut a few weeks ago. Hunter had her friend (next door to me) and another friend. I ordered. An hour went by, then another one. I was told one of the drivers didn't show up for work that night. Well, finally after 3 hrs, here comes the driver. I didn't realize until later, they had not asked for my debit card # on the phone, then when the delivery guy came I wasn't asked to sign anything. It hit me, I didn't have to pay and I did NOT call Pizza Hut to tell them about the mistake. It was already midnight by then, and I guess one could say I'm a bad person. :)

Good luck with straightening all that mess out. :(


well that sucks bites and blows...