Friday, December 18, 2015

Time flies

I cannot believe my daughter has turned 42 today!  I know that's not really that old, but it seems like I just had her.  Then I got to thinking about all the milestones that we have passed.  

My dad used to tell me that time flew by as one got older.  What a sage he was.  Time is just slipping away so fast.  The grands are growing up so fast.  Things I wanted to do with them - that's over.  They don't do things like that.  They think they are grown (at least the eldest three).  Wow!

Yesterday I was really miffed.  I went to the grocery store.  Getting out of the house was a comedy of errors to begin with.  I don't carry a purse this time of year.  I have a little crossbody that I made myself where I carry the drivers license, a credit card and (of course) since I was going to the grocery) - the little card. I got all that together, was trying to get out of the door ahead of G so we didn't have to move cars, and found I forgot to put Clyde in his kennel.  

I went to the refrigertator to get his little piece hot dog (I don't say weinie anymore - the eldest grands erupt into gales of laughter) I put all the associated things I had together down.  Well in that stuff was my shopping list.  That made me rather upset with myself. I was distracted doing my shopping.  I couldn't remember what was on that blasted list, and once on the list - it is out of my mind.  Checking out, I checked cashback on the little thingy, and I certainly don't want cash back - not at those rates!  So once again, I was distracted. When I looked at my cart, I thought it looked a little skimpy.  

When I got home, I didn't unload all my bags at once.  When I began looking for all the cold stuff, I came to the realization that the roast and stew meat I purchased were NOT there.  At this time of year, after about 3 in the afternoon, I do not go back out again.  I wasn't going to fight traffic for even $25 of meat.  I would go today to rectify.

That was a fiasco!  I surf the marked down meat.  The meat I bought was from the marked down meat.  And that meat is just as good as any other by the way.  I save where I can.  Anyway, obviously MY meat was not to be found.  The butcher had no idea what to do, and to cut to the chase I ended up buying fresh meat (and a half pound more when he cut the roast) and paid an additional $16.  I really would have just preferred to have gotten my money back.  

I don't know what the moral to that story might be.  I guess not to go to the grocery by myself so that I can watch what is going on better.  Needless to say, I am not a happy camper right now.  

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