Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sooooo yummy

Back in August,  we went to one of our favorite restaurants.  It is a steak house (and one of the best) so we don't indulge too often (like IF we are lucky once a year).  But we thought that it would be fun to treat the family on Krissi's 42nd (GASP!) birthday.  So we made reservations for the six of us.  Love the grands, but three wouldn't eat anything there, and the other three - well let's face it this IS a great steak house.  I think you can read between the lines. It is just as well it was all adults last night because the dinner lasted two and a half hours!!  Only the nearly 15-year-old would have been able to withstand that.  But even so she had a Quinceanera to attend.  For those who are not in a Mexican infused community, this is celebrating the 15th birthday of a girl.  It marks her admission to womanhood.  It is just as fancy as a wedding - and costs as much as a wedding!

My son-in-law works for a company that makes commercial kitchen equipment.  Thus, he is expected to spend money in restaurants.  He is a VP, but these days that really doesn't necessarily mean anything, but he is.  SO last night his company provided the birthday dinner.

All of us women had something we would never have ordered had it not been for someone else picking up the check.  We had a buffalo filet with a jalapeno glace!  Talk about drop dead wonderful.

Steve also started the evening with a champagne toast.  It was delicious.  Not the cheap stuff I buy.  Then he ordered a really good wine.  We all had steaks of one kind or another. There were salads and the "complimentary" birthday dessert.  At the price of the steaks, there was nothing complimentary about anything!!!  But is was delicious.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening.  I think we all had a great time, enjoyed wonderful food, and appreciated the terrific company!


Jeanette said...

That does sound like a good time! A few years ago when we were in Chicago there was a young girl walking around dressed in a beautiful dress, and there was 4 young boys with her in tuxes and they were posing for pictures at a popular Chicago sculpture. Someone said that she was making her quinceaneara. Sure looked like a big deal!


ooh that steak sounds so good.