Monday, December 14, 2015

New and "improved"

Had the local computer guru come over today to work on my computers.  He basically pronounced the Dell as terminal, but he worked for quite a long time on this Toshiba.  Well - it at the very least will get on-line now!

While he was here, I got him to work with my Fire Stick.  I am so behind on all this stuff.  It was so easy, I am embarrassed.  It was done in three minutes.

Last Sunday was the Holiday in the Park here. It is a minor festival where snow is brought in for all these kids that reside here in Swampland. and vendors set up.   Usually I make little to no money.  This year was great!!  But when I posted the new items that I had from the show - nada.  Oh well such is life

Katie decided that some of my stuff would make great teachers' gifts, and they would.  But she asked if I had an owl in one of the things.  I didn't.  So I stupidly   gladly told her I would make a hand sanitizer holder that is an owl for that teacher.  I now have several more grey hairs.  But I managed to get that tarnated thing done along with 5 easy ones.  So I guess they went off to school this week.

And that my friends is what I have been doing.  Hopefully I will be able to access the internet more regularily now!


Sally said...

Well, you obviously know more about computer stuff than me; I don't know what a Fire Stick is. LOL

It's always nice to see you here. :)


Judy said...

Nothing like computer problems to drive ya nuts! I also do not know what a Fire Stick is--not a long kitchen match, I guess? Is it like one of those thingys you put into a USB port to download and save stuff on?

Nice that you would whip up such a nice present for Katie to give to her teachers.

Jeanette said...

Well, I know what a fire stick is..I love ours for streaming stuff on our tv! Sounds like you've been busy!


welcome to the electronic age..