Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Quick note

And I can do a quick note thanks to my new bestie Mike!!!  Wow this thing flies.

I just wanted to help bring a little update to my friends who are like me and falling a little behind in this fast moving world of electronics and internet.

The Fire Stick is from Amazon.  It is a device that will stream video to a "smart tv" so that movies and the like can be viewed.  It required an HDMI (something else I have learned more about!!!) port on the tv - so it has to be an HD tv.  These are only about $40 at Amazon, and if you have a Prime Account there is a world of free stuff out there!!!  It is a whole new world for me anyway!

Now I am "girding my loins" to head out to Costco.  If I were in my right mind, I would NEVER venture out to a store like this at this time.  But then I live with he who is not in his right mind.  He knew we would have to be going fairly soon because we would be needing dog food, but I would not have waited until we were so close to being completely out,

Ah thus it goes around my house!!!



I'm getting a Roku, will get sling tv..already have hulu and netflix..wish we had a costco.

MartiDIY said...

How is the fire stick different than just streaming through the internet?

I'm so far behind technology that I'm thinking of getting out of the race.

Judy said...