Thursday, January 19, 2012


The women's group a friend and I have wanted to start at church will actually begin on Saturday.  For this, I am excited.  We were going to work on the "children's annex."

A little history here.  We are a brand new church (well - five years old).  We began meeting in an elementary school.  That was good although tiring  because everything had to be stored in a trailer and put out/taken up every Sunday.  Daughter and SIL stayed at that church while we went back to our "home church" after they got a new preacher.  Wanted to give him a chance.  But he was not as dynamic at Pastor C at this new church.

After three years, the school gave us the boot, and a new worship facility had to be found.  So the church relocated in a strip center.  The church sort of has a coffee shop feel, but that's ok.  It is laid back and very progressive.  It works.

After about a year, it was evident that that space was simply too small.  There was no room for the kids.  So another spot was leased about three doors down that gained the name "children's annex."  Now this isn't advertised except among the members because it seems that there is something that prohibits a children's place.  They are probably trying to make sure there is  no day-care locating in that strip center.  So we moved to two services (ugh!), with the children having a 15 minute education experience during the sermon.  It is sort of a Sunday School, but not really.

What does this have to do with the women's group you ask.  Well, the person who is in charge of the education has said she wanted curtains to cover the windows.  OK.  Sharon and I both sew.  She does quilts (and I am hoping before something happens she will teach me!), and you know what I do.  We were all set, and this was going to be the activity for the first meeting of the wg.

When the time grew close for this meeting on Saturday, K said she had consulted a decorator (!?!?!?!?! - we are broke!) who suggested painting phrases and the like on the walls.  She was going to Bed, Bath and Beyond to purchase curtains.  What??  Well, ok.  She said the women could do the painting.  We agreed.  We thought it was all set.

I get an email today saying that she doesn't have time to get the paint and all.  She suggested a stupid ice breaking game for us.  Nope, not gonna' do it.  I hate those stupid ice breakers to begin with.  Always have, and always will.

I forwarded the email to my partner in crime, and she agrees.  So it will be a more relaxed time.  We will eat snacks and lunch, and sit and talk.  We will be looking at things in the future.  We will try to pin down service things for us to do, but first and foremost we will get to know one another.  That's what we wanted all along.  We just threw in the other stuff because our unmarried pastor doesn't seem to understand that there is an underlying desire among us women to simply know one another.   Hopefully there can be some service to the church and community.  He is big on the community involvement.  He doesn't want us to be self-centered.  I think we can handle it all!  Even if K keeps throwing monkey wrenches into plans.



Marti said...

I share your Grrr. Have dealt with people like that before. The term seagull manager comes to mind. ;)

JuJu said...

Oh the monkey wrench! It can be so trying, especially when in a church setting where you're trying to do good things and not get ticked off at your neighbor.

Good luck on Saturday, and in the future. It's quite an accomplishment to get a bunch of ladies together, work together, and not pick at each other!


I like my church..I step outside and everything created by my deity is right at my fingertips.