Thursday, February 03, 2011

I'm freezing

I know this doesn't elicit sympathy with most of you. But I am so cold. I am lucky the warmest place in the house is the bedroom. Since we had the entire system replaced, I would have expected more warming throughout the whole house. It is strange. As I walk through the house, there are warm spots and very cold spots. If it weren't so cold outside, I would swear we live in a haunted house and that explains the cold spots.

Now I will have to launch a "we need new windows" campaign with G. When it is normal around here, the window situation isn't an issue. These are the 35 year old windows that were put in the house. They leak like crazy - of course no one has caulked then in forever.

Our generator had a real workout yesterday with the rolling blackouts. Strange, we got it for hurricane season. It proved its worth yesterday.

And on the rolling blackouts - the news talking heads told us what caused them. Are you ready for this? They were because at least two generation plants that didn't winterize some water pipes - so the water lines froze and broke. Hello?? Don't they watch news programs.

In further news about the blackouts, the generation plants tried to explain why no one knew this was going to happen because email addresses were no longer correct. Apparently there had been retirements ... You know, I didn't realize the phone systems no longer work!

More blackouts are a possibility today if we Texans use too much electricity. I don't see that happening.

Peace and warmth be with you.



except my apt is all energy efficient..and it's nice and toasty..haven't had any more power outage since the first's snowing like crazy outside now..and all these old farts in the apts are asleep and won't come out and play with me..rats.

Cheyenne said...

Wow, their excuses sound so teenage.
Our rancher has warm and cold spots too and it was built in the early 70's. It drives me nuts at times.