Monday, May 12, 2008

What have I done and other musings

Um, hi. My name is Grandma K. I used to come around here quite a bit, but life has been getting in the way a lot! I'm here today and gone tomorrow for a while again.

Seriously, things have been happing rather fast around here. I am wondering just what I have gotten myself into - I'm having surgery on Wednesday. It will be a latissimus dorsi breast reconstruction. I'm happy and I'm very scared at the same times. The surgery will last about four hours, and I will be hospitalized 3-5 days. This time I will stay as long as the surgeon recommends. I learned my lessons with the mastectomy.

I am no longer keeping Doodle bug, and while I miss her a lot, I have free time. I don't know what to do with myself!! I actually got to make a new blouse (one of the five I have planned and have the fabric for), and got the craft room straightened out! That was a job in itself. She is seemingly doing well in day care - in fact a little better than I would have predicted.

Mother's day was good when all things settled out. My children still have sibling rivalry - at least daughter does. I just don't know why she is so seemingly needy when it comes to our relationship. She lives a mile from me. We talk several times a day. I have kept all of her children as babies. We are really friends now - not just mother and daughter. But I can still see those green horns of jealousy from time to time. Some things never change.

My daughter in law and son in law really can't stand one another. They are civil. On the surface they get along well, but underneath. Oh, my! That means there is tension for me whenever they are together.

But when you shake it all down, all went well. I hope your Mother's Day went well. I'll be back in about a week!

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck tomorrow and I hope that everything turns out painless. Happy Mother's Day, too.